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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Oliver Perez and the Mole Men

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When my brothers and I were kids we would occasionally watch reruns of the old Adventures of Superman TV show from the ’50s. Without a doubt the best episode was a two-parter that involved creepy little guys who lived underground, called the Mole Men (we just called them the Little Creatures, though). I was about four or five and was pretty damn scared of those guys, so I would watch most of the episode from behind a chair, peeking out when I felt it was safe. I was fascinated and frightened at the same time. I couldn’t just turn the TV off or leave the room – I had to watch.

Which brings us to Oliver Perez. That’s exactly how I’ve watched his five starts this season – from behind a chair. He even kind of looks like the Mole Men. When my five-year-old daughter walked into the living room on Saturday, she said, “Umm, Dad, there’s a Japanese guy pitching for the Mets. It’s safe to come out …

Rutgers product making an impact

Jets Rumors & News

The Jets, Bears and Texans showed the most interest in signing former Rutgers DE Jamaal Westerman after the NFL Draft. Westerman chose to sign with the Jets for about $12,000 less than an undisclosed team was offering. The three-year college starter is second all time in school history with 30.5 sacks. However, he suffered a torn bicep in his senior season which forced him to miss the team’s bowl game and part of the scouting circuit.  He did show his toughness by playing the second half of his senior season with the torn muscle. During his  junior season the Ontatrio native made 14 TFL and eight sacks. He has recovered well from the surgery and his bench press is up to 25 reps.

Westerman has been working out as a standup linebacker in the 3-4 scheme. Not only can he get after the quartback but he can drop back in pass coverage. Westerman, was recruited out of high school as a linebacker. He has impressed coaches with his passion and sharpness. …

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