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Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
Yankees Rumors & News

Just over a month into the season, it is obvious that the Yankees have the necessary pieces to make it back to the postseason.  However, with a lineup that changes daily, and a starter that should be in the bullpen, the Yankees will never come into rhythm.

Upon A-Rod’s return from the disabled list possibly as soon as this Friday, the lineup should look like and stay as follows:

Johnny Damon – LF

Derek Jeter – SS

Mark Teixeira – 1B

Alex Rodriguez – 3B

Robinson Cano – 2B

Hideki Matsui – DH

Nick Swisher – RF

Jose Molina – C (when Jorge Posada returns from the DL, Posada moves up one spot, and Swisher slides down.  This allows Swisher who is a high OBP guy, and Cabrera to set the stage for the top of the lineup by being on base a lot)

Melky Cabrera – CF

This lineup will allow the Yankees to have the necessary balance by allowing everyone in it the comfort of knowing where they are going to hit and most importantly placing them in slots that they are best suited …

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