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Friday, May 8th, 2009

Mets Best Division Rivals

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The Mets played their last six games against division rivals Philadelphia and Atlanta and won five of them. The one loss was the 2.1-inning masterpiece by Oliver Perez, and it took 10 innings for the Mets to lose, which was almost like a victory in and of itself. They always seem to lose in Atlanta but swept the Braves in the mini series, and defeated the Phils in three out of four games. They have a four-game winning streak going, and are a half game out of first now.

Things are starting to come together for the Mets, and they’re playing much better ball, with a few exceptions. The Carlos Delgado dropped ball in Atlanta, which followed the Luis Castillo butchering of an easy ground ball the inning before, were both egregious errors that highlight the lack of concentration and focus the Mets often have (and the complete casualness of Delgado’s overall attitude and effort, though he did chug it around the bases with the game-winning …

Hot Stove Player of the Week: Frankie Rodriguez

Mets Rumors & News

The Yankees and Mets played most of their games against division rivals this week, with the Mets (5-1) faring much better than their crosstown sibling (1-5). The big non-New York news was the suspension of Manny Ramirez. Looks like the Mets made the right decision after all not to go after the drug cheat (it wasn’t steroids-related – oh, ok, we believe you; it’s just your run-of-the-mill female fertility drug that all 36-year-old men take). It’s just a case of Manny Being Barry. And now for the quote of the week from Giants running back Danny Ware, who doesn’t want to be referred to as Wind in the Giants running back nickname of Earth, Wind and Fire, but instead Water: “H2O is one of the most important resources known to man. I transform whenever my environment changes. When it’s hot, I’m in my liquid form and can move through any boundary. When it’s cold I freeze and turn to ice. And once I get rolling, nothing can …

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