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Tigers Yankees BaseballMonday was the 40th anniversary of mankind’s greatest feat: The moon landing. This week the Mets couldn’t achieve mankind’s easiest feat: Winning a series against the Washington Nationals. The whole organization is dysfunctional and a complete mess. We should give them a one-way ticket to the moon. Things couldn’t be better over in the Bronx, though. The Yankees have won seven straight since the All-Star break. And they celebrated the team’s history on Sunday. Who else could put on an Old-Timers’ Day like the Yanks? Is there any other team that could draw such past greats as Homer Bush, Jerry Narron, Charlie Hayes, Chad Curtis, Pat Kelly, Aaron Small, Dave Eiland and Jim Coates? Ok, ok, Yogi, Whitey, Reggie and Goose were there, too.


CC Sabathia: The Yankee ace threw seven shutout innings vs. Detroit on Saturday, and after struggling early last night, finished with seven innings pitched while allowing three runs, and picked up his second win of the week. The whole Yankee rotation was the main reason the team went undefeated and shot into first place this week.

Runners Up

A.J. Burnett: Sabathia’s fellow high-priced free agent acquisition pitched well against the O’s on Wednesday, picking up the win, going seven strong innings and only letting in two runs. And on Friday, he helped the Yanks beat the Tigers, going six innings and letting in three runs.

Andy Pettitte: The veteran hurler threw 7.1 innings, and only gave up one run, while striking out eight vs. Baltimore on Monday.

Joba Chamberlain: Joba fist-pumped his way to victory on Sunday, beating Detroit.

Phil Hughes: He’s carving out a place for himself in the bullpen. He pitched a total of six scoreless innings this week, picking up a win, two holds and his first career save. He struck out nine without walking a single batter. And he’s working on a 22 consecutive scoreless inning streak.

Hideki Matsui: He blasted a walk-off bomb on Monday against the Orioles.

Johan Santana: The only good thing on the Mets these days. While Sabathia was shutting out the Tigers on Saturday, Santana threw seven shutout innings of his own down in Atlanta, leading the Mets to their only win of the four-game series vs. the Braves. There must be something to those chipotle cheesesteaks from Subway.

Schmuck of the Week

Tony Bernazard: He screams at his AA players, screams at scouts, screams at K-Rod. I think he may have anger issues. He supposedly stabbed Willie Randolph in the back. It’s one thing after another for this ass-clown. But he’s Jeff Wilpon‘s ass-clown, so he may actually keep his job. One anonymous Met said (aren’t most of the Mets anonymous these days?), “That guy is crazy.” Why wasn’t he included in that Subway commercial with CC and Johan? “It’s ripping off your shirt, screaming at everyone in sight and challenging your players to a fight big!” Bernazard is embarrassing this classy, model of an organization. Oh, wait a minute . . .

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