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Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

The Mets Fire Bernazard (and Still Blow It)

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Couldn’t the Mets have just sent out a press release stating that they fired VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard? Maybe they could have marched out Jay Horwitz to read it. No questions, please. Or Ron Swoboda could have held court, regaling the media with stories of the ’69 Mets and finished with: “Oh, by the way, the Mets have fired Tony Bernazard.” Even having Mr. Met come out with cue cards (THE METS . . . HAVE FIRED . . . TONY BERNAZARD) followed by the Pepsi Party Patrol shooting T-shirts into the rows of reporters would have been better than what happened. Haven’t Fred and Jeff Wilpon seen Omar Minaya speak in front of an audience before?

The Mets can’t even make something as routine as a press conference routine. Who holds a press conference announcing  a behind-the-scenes executive’s firing anyway? A GM’s? Yes. A manager’s? Yes. But VP of Player Development? No. When Minaya started attacking the Daily News’ Adam Rubin, I wanted to jump into …

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