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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Have a Mets Summer (Without the 2009 Mets)

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Now that Mets fans have pretty much gone through the stages of grief for this season – anger, rage, denial, anger again, sniffing glue, laughter (well, that might have been from watching an episode of Coach), more rage, more denial and, finally, acceptance that this team can’t even walk down the dugout steps without injuring themselves – here are 10 Mets related things to do the rest of the summer without actually watching this putrid team.

1. Read the box scores from 1986 on every morning instead of this season’s. You’ll like what you see a lot better.

2. Brush up on your Mets history by reading Peter Golenbock’s Amazin’: The Miraculous History of New York’s Most Beloved Baseball Team. It may get a few dates wrong and have some inaccuracies, but you’ll learn everything there is to know about your favorite team.

3. Bone up on obscure Mets like Joe Christopher, Hawk Taylor, Dave Marshall, Dave Schneck, Bill Sudakis, Pepe Mangual, Rick Sweet, Lou Thornton and Andy Tomberlin. Dazzle …

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