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Monday, August 10th, 2009
Mets Rumors & News

The .500-or-bust beards are being shaved off one by one. They’ve gone 2-6 since the “easy” part of their schedule commenced, which was going to springboard them into the wild card race. And their relievers are giving up grand slams left and right to lose games. This is the first time in five years that the Mets won’t be in contention the last two months of the season. So why bother watching? Well, here are 10 reasons to stay glued to the TV when the New York Mets are playing.

1. Daniel Murphy: The Mets are going to need a first baseman next season, and Murphy’s finally found a position that he can play and play well. And it happens to be first base. If he’s going to be the first baseman of the future, the team will need to find a power-hitting left fielder (Matt Holliday?) because even though he’s hitting cleanup right now, he’s no cleanup hitter. He’s been struggling at the plate this season after his …

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