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car goodfellasThere’s rampant speculation all over town that Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel may be on their way out the door. Omar’s BFF, Adam Rubin, is reporting that John Ricco may be replacing Minaya when the season’s over (though Omar would probably move on to another position in the organization), while Newsday‘s David Lennon ruminates on the possibility that the continuous sloppy play by the Mets could signal the demise of Manuel. So cue up the last five minutes of “Layla,” Goodfellas-style – will we see a frozen Omar dangling in a meat truck? Jerry “Roast Beef” slumped over in a pink Coup de Ville? We’ve already seen Tony “Funny like a clown, I amuse you?” Bernazard get it in the back of the head.

Minaya and Manuel got a “vote of confidence” earlier this season, but that’s due to expire as soon as the last pitch is thrown on October 4th. And with all that’s gone on since that declaration, it doesn’t mean anything anymore anyway. If Ricco takes over for Minaya, does that mean it’s just more of the same old, same old for the Mets? The Wilpons like to keep things in the family when hiring a new GM, so promoting from within would keep with their philosophy. Ricco’s a stats/paperwork/rules guy, as opposed to Minaya’s experience as a scout/talent evaluator. So Ricco would probably need a Gene Michael type to go along with him. Which brings up one of the ongoing issues for this franchise – too many people involved in making the decisions. Would giving the keys to the organization to one person (Billy Beane? J.P. Ricciardi?) and let him run the show without interference be better for the franchise? Yes. But the Mets are the Mets. You never know, though, Ricco could turn out to be one of the new-generation Moneyball guys that the kids love so much (you know, actually using statistical analysis and computer thingamajigs) and turn the franchise around.

And who would the next manager be if Manuel’s run out of town? There’s a grassroots clamoring to bring back Bobby Valentine now that he won’t be returning to Japan. He’s a between-the-lines genius, but everything else about him – people skills, head games, etc. – gets old quickly. He’s like Billy Martin without the booze. But maybe that’s what this team needs, somebody to kick them in the ass and get them to overachieve instead of constantly underachieving. Another name that’s been thrown out there is Tony LaRussa. But why would he want to come to New York? And would he be able to work with the Mets owners and front office (whoever it ends up being).

But whoever the replacements turn out to be, I say let the whackings begin.

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  1. 1 On August 11th, 2009, Jeff Zachowski said:

    Impossible to know what kind of GM Ricco would be, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Mets take a page or two or five out of Theo Epstein’s playbook. While they’re at it, they should talk to Theo’s assistants Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington, who served as co-GMs during Epstein’s brief resignation and engineered the Josh Beckett deal.

  2. 2 On August 12th, 2009, gollytwo said:

    Omar Minaya has to go – he’s moronic about basball – remember taking back Perez when we had the golden opportunity to get rid of him. And, not getting Derek Lowe.
    Jerry Manuel’s fine. He’s made some good moves – for one: taking Murphy out of the outfield – he’s become a good first baseman. Manuel’s team is losing games because there’s no reliable pitching, save Santana, and that’s Minaya’s fault, not Jerry’s.

  3. 3 On August 12th, 2009, Bronx Baseball Daily said:

    Yeah, the Mets should get Theo Epstein. John Smoltz, Brad Penny, and Rocco Baldelli are exactly what the Mets need to turn their season around.

  4. 4 On August 12th, 2009, Jeff Zachowski said:

    Wow, Yankee fans are obnoxious when they’re on top. Who would’ve thunk it.

  5. 5 On August 12th, 2009, Bronx Baseball Daily said:

    I had to listen all off-season how great those moves were. They’re called high risk for a reason. None of them really worked out the way they hoped. Really, Epstein is probably an above average GM, nothing special. Having the 2nd highest payroll in baseball certainly helps.

  6. 6 On August 13th, 2009, Jeff Zachowski said:

    Well first off, the Mets and the Cubs are about even in payroll and they rank 2nd and 3rd respectively. The Sox, as you know, opted for a less expensive approach to free agency this offseason and dropped to 4th. Secondly, you can hate Boston as much as you want and you can have a baby with Brian Cashman for all I care, but in general it’s not smart to knock a guy with two championships in the last five seasons. When does Epstein graduate from above-average to special? If Boston wins another World Series in 2009 will you take your Yankee goggles off and give credit where credit is due or would you still consider his performance on the job just above average? I’d hate to work for you, man – those evaluations would be brutal.

    In any event, despite your opinion to the contrary, Theo’s done an extraordinary job with that team and this season is no exception. The Sox identified a talent in which they were comfortable investing dollars and years. The Yankees outbid them. Rather than hand out contracts for a second tier free agent that might handcuff the team going forward, they took a flyer on 3 or 4 bargain basement players. What is the real beauty of this route? If it turns out the Yankees won the division when they got Teixeira to sign on the dotted line, Boston has lowered payroll and put themselves in a beautiful position to reload for 2010. They could’ve answered the Yankees Triumvirate signings with a Kei Igawa- like response, but they’re comfortable with their evaluations of players and they don’t hand out contracts that they deem above market value. That self-confidence permeates everything that organization does. In a couple of years when Jonathan Papelbon becomes a UFA, they’ll let him walk and take the compensatory draft picks. Why? Because they figure they’ve probably already gotten his best years out of him so why pay him for past performance, and they think they have other options within the organization, and they’re a franchise that values draft picks as highly as anyone. They are just well run. It doesn’t mean they’re perfect and it doesn’t mean they haven’t made millions upon millions worth of mistakes, but looking around baseball they remain the cream of the crop.

    I’ve noticed a trend amongst my friends who are Yankee fans. With the Yanks flying high, they seem to want to expunge the last five years prematurely. It’s almost as if Yankee fans look at this current team and feel the next great Yankee dynasty is assured. It’s strange. It’s as if Yankee fans are so tired of hearing about the Red Sox and so hungry for a Championship, they were ready to be crowned in July. I seriously doubt that Brian Cashman is taking bows up in the front office, but you would think they’ve already had the parade from listening to a Yankee fan.

    P.S. I read today that Jed Hoyer is on the Nats’ short list of potential GMs. Leave it to the Mets to get beat out by the Nats.

  7. 7 On August 13th, 2009, Bronx Baseball Daily said:

    Two things that make it hard to debate you, no matter what I say you come back with, ‘ah you are just wearing Yankee colored glasses’ and you put words in my mouth.

    Nowhere in any of my statements anywhere, on my blog or on here, have I given excessive praise on Brian Cashman. I’ve never even said that he’s a better GM than Epstein. Actually, the opposite is true, I’d rather have Theo.

    Also, I don’t believe that I have been grossly wrong on anything you’ve ever accused me of saying through ‘yankee colored glasses.’

    On your note of the Red Sox payroll – they are 4th only because they missed out on Teixeira. And they didn’t miss out because of money. The Red Sox offered him over $200 million including options. He went with the Yankees because that’s where he wanted to be. Washington also outbid the Yankees. If he had accepted the Red Sox offer they would easily be 2nd in baseball in payroll.

    Also, they might have saved money by not adding Teixeira, but it forced them to trade for VMart who cost them good prospects and then will be a FA after next year anyways and then will look for a $100+ contract.

    Just to clarify, before you put more words into my mouth, I like Theo Epstein and would rather have him over Cashman. At the same time, I think he is highly overrated and clearly benefits from having a large payroll.

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