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Friday, August 14th, 2009

Hot Stove Players of the Week: Burnett, Sabathia & Pettitte

Yankees Rumors & News

Last night I had a dream that the Mets were trying to win a game with this lineup: Cory Sullivan, Luis Castillo, Fernando Tatis, Daniel Murphy, Jeff Francoeur, Jeremy Reed, Alex Cora and Brian Schneider, and Murphy, who’s the first baseman, didn’t cover first on a play, the offense couldn’t score any runs, the pitchers couldn’t get anybody out, their All-Star closer was blowing saves by giving up grand slams, the defense was making errors left and right, the players were making mental mistakes and starting to mail the season in, Anderson Hernandez was back on the team and starting at shortstop replacing guys named Wilson Valdez and Angel Berroa, they went 2-5 on their road trip, just about every good starter and backup they could scrounge up was on the DL and even some of those guys were having setbacks. What, you mean that wasn’t all a dream? That was just a typical week for the Mets these days? Ay caramba! Our friends at have come up with …

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