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Friday, August 21st, 2009
Yankees Rumors & News

I turned on the Mets game on Friday night, and they were playing in Ebbets Field and wearing New York Giants uniforms. The Mets can’t even get any respect from their own organization. What’s next? Donning tribute uniforms to the 1996 Yankees? Those circa-1905 unis did grow on me, though. Maybe they should play a throwback game instead of just sporting the uniforms (which should be made of wool, with the old itchy socks and collars that the Giants wore), with dirty baseballs, spitballs, big-handled bats, little gloves, no helmets . . . well, on second thought, maybe not. All week was like one big throwback party, what with beanballs, the Mets unis, the Mets scoring eight runs in one inning (a throwback to when they were good), the Yankees having the best record in baseball, Gary Sheffield being unhappy with his contract, the 1969 Mets celebration tomorrow and the 40th anniversary of Woodstock all over the news. The most poignant moment of the rock festival came when the …

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