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Monday, August 24th, 2009

The Mets Need to Pull a George Costanza

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Fred Wilpon figuratively gave Mets fans everywhere the finger with this recent comment: “Am I going to bring Omar back next year? Absolutely. That’s a fact.” Then it was Omar Minaya’s turn to flip the fans the bird: “Jerry is my guy. We work well together.” Meanwhile, on the field, Jerry Manuel called for a hit-and-run in the bottom of the ninth, down by two, no outs and two strikes on Jeff Francoeur, which led to a game-ending unassisted triple play. The last time that happened was 1927 when the Tigers did it to the Indians. The only reason the Mets weren’t involved was because they didn’t exist yet. And the only surprising thing about the game-ending play yesterday was that it took until the end of August for it to happen to the them.

Every decision the Mets make, on and off the field, is wrong. So here’s what they should do: Pull a George Costanza. What Jerry Seinfeld told his friend could easily apply to the …

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