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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Mets Celebrate 20th Player on DL

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Johan Santana was the 20th player the Mets have put on the disabled list this season, which puts the them in first place, passing the Reds. The team quickly organized a celebration and reunion that surpassed their recent 1969 Miracle Mets festivities. Even though last night’s game was played in Florida, the Mets snuck onto the field and staged a pre-game reunion to celebrate some of the greatest injuries in franchise history.

Jim Fregosi was the first player paraded out. To add insult to injury to the Nolan Ryan trade disaster, Fregosi broke his thumb fielding ground balls in spring training, ensuring his career with the Mets would be forgettable. Don Hahn and George Theodore were next, representing the collision of ’73. Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron were right behind them, honoring the collision of ’05. And there was Felix Millan, who was body slammed to the ground by Pirate Ed Ott, ending the second baseman’s major league career. As a tribute to Met head injuries, Mike Piazza and Jon …

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