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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Mets Can’t Be Bothered to Play Spoiler

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There are only five games left for the Mets – thank God. Once the 162nd game is played, we can then turn our attention to brighter and happier pastimes, such as starting petitions to get Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel fired, drinking so much tequila that we forget this season (or decade) ever happened and forming an angry mob while chasing the Mets out of town after Sunday’s game with pitchforks and torches.

Over the weekend, when the Mets took on the Marlins, there was a lot of talk about the team playing the role of spoiler by the SNY announcers and pre- and postgame crew. None of the talk came from the team itself. The SNY guys all felt the Mets should be chomping at the bit to knock Florida out of the wild card race after what the Fish did to the Metsies at the end of the last two seasons. They were practically begging the team to show some type of spark and …

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Giants Keep On Rolling

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The Giants defeated Tampa Bay as coolly, methodically and nonchalantly as John Phillips commits incest. Tampa Bay was no match for Big Blue as the Buccaneers played like they were wearing eyepatches and had peg legs and hooks for hands (though that might come in handy on defense). Bucs coach Raheem Morris summed it up best: “We were beat by grown men, a team we want to be like one day. They came in here and took it to us. Out-manned us. Out-gunned us. It wasn’t even close.” The stats back up his statement: 397 total yards for the Giants, 86 for Tampa Bay; time of possession – 43.38 minutes for the Jints, 16.22 for the Bucs; 27 first downs for the Giants, five for Tampa Bay (and they didn’t get their first one until five minutes were left in the third quarter).

The Bucs cured most of the Giants problems – at least for one day. Red zone issues? Going into the game the Giants were 0-8, …

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Three Teams, Three Wins, One City

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A Giant won, a Jet soared and a Yankee guaranteed that New York is the best place to call home.

Three sports team hailing from New York had simultaneous starts this afternoon (Yanks not on time due to rain delay).The Yankees, Giants and Jets each had something to prove today.

The Yankees had a reason to celebrate and be proud of this seasons accomplishments. The Bombers clinched the American League East Division for the playoffs which gives them home field advantage and an extra day off at their disposal.

The biggest upside for the Bombers not having to fly back to Anaheim to play the Angels in the first round.  The Angels are that good and that scary.

Realizing why the Yanks looked like a beaten club even when they beat the Angels is because the Angels play small ball, long ball and run the bases fiercely. Easily, the Angels have the most comparable batting line-up to the Yankees so pitchers have to be virtually perfect. The Angels are relentless in …

Friday, September 25th, 2009
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The Giants and Jets both beat division archrivals this past week. And both are 2-0 and sitting atop their respective divisions. The Giants went down to Texas and paid the Cowboys back for beating them in the first-ever game at the Meadowlands in 1976 (Dallas won, 24-14). Of course, Giants Stadium didn’t receive quite the same amount of hoopla as Cowboys Stadium has gotten this week. Here are some reviews from 33 years ago when the Giants home first opened:

“It just looks like a regular football stadium. Where is the 60-yard JumboTron? Where are the go-go dancers? What do they plan to do here, just play football?”

“Where do you put 78,000 angry New Jersey residents to watch Doug Kotar gain 500 yards a season? The new Giants Stadium, that’s where.”

“The new stadium is a modern marvel, but can they do something about that swampy smell?”

“It just goes to show you the power of the Mob that they got this stadium built all the way out …

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Knicks should bring in Jack McClinton

The San Antonio Spurs released former University standout Jack McClinton on the eve of training camp. McClinton is the all time 3-point percentage leader in ACC history and was selected by the Spurs in the second round of the 2009 NBA Draft (51st overall). He struggled in the Vegas Summer League but has the potential to light it up as he had consecutive 30-point games against Wake Forest, Duke and North Carolina. He averaged 19.3 points during his junior year while shooting 45% from downtown. The Spurs added NBA veterans Keith Bogans and Dwayne Jones which was a reason he asked for his release.

Before the NBA Draft, there were rumors that Knicks Head Coach Mike D’Antoni praised the 24-year old shooting ability. Donnie Walsh should bring in him in and compete for a spot as the Knicks released sharp shooter Morris Almond.


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Fantasy Basketball: Bold Predictions


Kevin Love will be this year’s version of David Lee: Love almost averaged a double-double in his rookie season (11 points and 9 rebounds). In the last 15 games of the season he averaged 14.4 points, 10 rebounds  and shot 80% from the foul line. For the second year player to get on Lee’s level he needs to record more steals and shoot a higher field goal percentage. The injury to Al Jefferson allowed Love to pick up center eligibility for this upcoming season. A healthy The ex -Bruin averaged 9.5 boards in December andJanuary before Jefferson’s injury. Love also led the league in offensive rebound rate and finished second only to C Dwight Howard in total rebound rate.

Carmelo Anthony will be a top 5 scorer: This is not a bold statement but he should be back on track this season. Danny Granger finished 5th in scorting at 25.8 but that could come down with Mike Dunleavy coming back. Melo elevated his game in the playoffs averaging 30 points in the semis and 27.5 in the …

Guest Bloggers: ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball Team

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With ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball winding down for another season, their announcing team of Joe Morgan, Jon Miller and Steve Phillips took some time to analyze the New York baseball scene for Hot Stove New York.

Joe Morgan: The Yankees are looking pretty good, having the best record in baseball, and they just clinched a spot in the postseason with last night’s win. But you really can’t compare them to the teams of old. I mean, do they have Johnny Bench on their team? [laughs] Derek Jeter does a decent job but give me Dave Concepcion any day of the week. You can throw any stat at me you want about the Yankees – you know I don’t believe in stats [laughs]. When I played we didn’t have stats. We didn’t know what batting averages were let alone WARP and whatever else these kids are talking about nowadays [laughs]. In fact, we didn’t even keep score, but the Reds still won every game we played and were the World …

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Fantasy Basketball: Undervalued Players


Andris Biedrins (Warriors)- Among centers last season Biedrins finished second in rebounding (11.2). He also blocked 1.5 shots a game, recorded one steal and shot 57% from the field. The Latvian big missed 20 games last season but did not a miss game in 06-07 and missed six in 07-08. Despite being injured last year he set career highs in points (11.9), assists (2.0) and minutes per game (30). The 23-year old does not have much competition at the center position with Mikki Moore and Ronnie Turiaf on the roster.

Andre Miller (Blazers)- Miller is a steady point guard that seems to put up solid numbers every year. He has not missed a regular season game for the 76ers the past two seasons and averaged 16.7 points, 6.7 assists, 1.3 steals. Even though he does not shoot that many threes he posts solid percentages. Miller is good for at least 35 minutes per game and should be motivated to keep PG Steve Blake on the bench.

John Salmons (Bulls)- Salmons had a breakout season last year averaging 18.3 points in 56 …

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Giants Crash Cowboys’ Party

Giants Rumors & News

Jerry Jones threw a $1.15 billion party last night, and everybody was there – John Madden, Pat Summerall, Lebron James, one Hall 0f Fame Cowboy after another, George W. Bush – but, unfortunately, for Dallas, so were the Giants. Jones’ modern-day Roman Coliseum landed from outer space just in time for the game, giant scoreboard and all (and from the view from space, it’s shaped exactly like Jones’ ego), and the Cowboys probably want a do-over (the biggest disappointment of the night was nobody hitting the three-mile-long JumboTron). An impressive 105,121 fans showed up for the game, and they were loud. But they’re still not as loud as my daughter when she throws one of her tantrums. The most tremendous feat of the evening: Fitting Madden and that scoreboard into one building.

For the Giants, the game was beginning to look like last week’s season opener – red zone problems, rushing problems, a defensive touchdown, fancy footwork by Mario Manningham and another receiver leaving the game due to injury (Domenik …

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Fantasy Basketball: Overvalued Players


Derrick Rose (Bulls)- Rose elevated his game in the playoffs averaging 19.7 points, 6.4 assists, 6.3 assists and shot 49% from the field. During the regular season he finished 17thin assists (6.3) along with .2 threes per game and .8 steals per game. He is a dynamicpoint guard withgreat speed and strength but did not have a great fantasy season. For him to jump into the elite PG tier he needs to increase his threes, steals and free throw %.  Owners may by into his hype and draft him in rounds 3-4. Remember while he should improve this year he ranked 91st on the ESPN fantasy player rater.

David Lee (Knicks)- Lee set career highs in points (16.0), rebounds (11.7), steals (1.0), minutes (34.9) last season. The restricted free agent is expected to sign a one year with the Knickssoon. While he led the NBA with 65 double-doubles he finished third in rebounding. Troy Murphy finished ahead of Lee in bounds and is the better fantasy option. Even though he averaged less points and shot worse from …

The New York Week That Was (9/18/09)

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When we last saw the Jets, the comedy team of Eric Mangini and Brett Favre were sabotaging the season. Favre confessed that he had a torn biceps tendon, but he’s just covering up for his arm – it wasn’t torn, it was drunk. The team was even fined for the subterfuge. New and improved coach Rex Ryan gave a pregame speech to remember; it basically boiled down to this: Win on for Richard Todd. And win they did. The rookie coach even shed a tear after the game – it wasn’t because his team won, though, but instead the reason behind the crying was that he just found out that NBC cancelled My Name Is Earl to make room for Parks and Recreation. And when Ryan was about to present owner Woody Johnson with the game ball, Kanye West appeared out of nowhere, grabbed the ball and yelled out, “Weeb Ewbank is the greatest Jets coach in the world! In the world!”

Meanwhile, the Giants …

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
Mets Rumors & News

I turn on the TV, and I’d rather watch anything else but the Mets – So You Think You’re Crazier Than Gary Busey, Two and a Half Accountants, even Yentl. But something’s commanding me to watch. I have no control over it. I think the ghost of Gil Hodges is controlling me. Or maybe it’s M. Donald Grant. I want to turn the game off, but I can’t. Maybe there’s just something wrong with me. And sometimes I get the feeling that the Mets are watching me (see picture at right).

But since the TV’s on and the channel stuck on SNY, I may as well pick out things that are worthing watching. Josh Thole comes up to the plate, and I think, “He doesn’t have the stench of failure all over him yet. He’s worth watching.” And he’s fun to watch. He comes straight out of 1973 – choking up on the bat, crouching, no power. He looks like he has an idea of what to do …

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