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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Mets Hodgepodge (9/1/09 edition)

Mets Rumors & News

Here are some random notes about the Mets.

They called up catcher Josh Thole, who will be with the team tonight in Colorado. He doesn’t have much power (one home run) and is still learning how to catch, after switching to that position from first base, but he’s been hitting in the minors. In Double A Binghamton this season, he batted .326, with a .392 OBP and a slugging percentage of .421. He had 26 doubles (which is tied for the league lead), and doesn’t stike out much (33 times), while walking 41 times in 102 games. And he drove in 46 runs.

The Mets aren’t planning on having many call-ups this year to save money, but, you know, they don’t have any money issues. They recently released this official statement: “For the love of god, stop mentioning Bernie Madoff!”

Carlos Beltran is going to begin a rehab assignment tomorrow, playing for the Brooklyn Cyclones. He’ll get to know what it feels like to play on a first-place team.

David Wright comes …

Is it Time for Giants Fans to Panic?

Giants Rumors & News

With Plaxico Burress gone from the team and the Antonio Pierce situation cleared up, the Giants were supposed to have a smooth, stress-free summer. They’d work in their new receivers, tune up for the season and beat Washington on September 13th. But injuries are piling up, their receivers can’t catch the ball, Osi Umenyiora stormed out of the team’s training facility yesterday (but did storm right back in) and their defense isn’t stopping anybody in the preseason. Some fans out there seem to be panicking already. Just last night I had an argument with an obnoxious Giants fan (ok, it was me) who is ready to push the panic button.

“Steve Smith dropped a sure 91-yard touchdown pass on Saturday,” he wildly exclaimed. “Domenik Hixon had a pass slip right through his hands, which led to an interception. Ramses Barden was invisible. Hakeem Nicks has only done well against third-string defenses. The bad passing game will effect the great running game. I’m panicking!”

It’s only preseason, my friend. Was …

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