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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Guest Blogger: David Wright’s Helmet

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I can read you know. I’ve seen all those hurtful and hateful things written about me all over the Internet. Yes, I know, I’m big. I’m oversized. I’m comically gigantic. But I can’t help it, I was made that way. Don’t blame me. And please, don’t take it out on my poor friend, David Wright. It’s not his fault. He got beaned by a 94-mile-an-hour heater right in the melon. And it hurt. It really, really hurt. Of course, he looks absolutely ridiculous, but if you’re going to laugh at anybody, laugh at me. Or laugh at Ryan Dempster. He was the first player to wear a similar model to myself. But it’s easier to laugh at a Met, isn’t it?

Can’t you see my positive qualities? I have a cool name – the s100. It kind of sounds like a rocket ship. Or a monster truck. Those are nothing to laugh at. And you want protection? I can give it to you. Not only can I safeguard a …

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