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GIANTS05 8 MILLSHere’s an easy New York Giants quiz to get you ready for the 2009 season.

1. The Giants pass rush will be so good that they’ll:

    a) Lead the league in sacks

    b) Wreak havoc on opposing offenses

    c) Break Joe Theismann‘s leg – again

2. The unproven receiving corps will:

    a) Take a few weeks to gain chemistry with Eli Manning but turn into a pleasant surprise

    b) Lead the league in dropped passes

    c) Piss Tom Coughlin off so much that they’ll slowly “disappear” one by one as the season goes on

3. The Giants offensive line is one of the best in the league because:

    a) They’ve been a cohesive unit for a handful of seasons now

    b) They have the right combination of smarts, techinique and toughness

    c) Eli Manning found out Peyton‘s bank account PIN, and Eli’s been giving all his brother’s money to his linemen to ensure extra protection

4. Jeff Feagles is so old that:

    a) He uses all of his experience to help place most of his kicks inside the 20 yard line

    b) He’s considered a wily veteran

    c) He psyches himself up before every game by watching Matlock

5. This season Brandon Jacobs will:

    a) Gain more than 1,000 yards

    b) Make the Pro Bowl

    c) Make a Brandon Jacobs-shaped hole in a 390-pound defensive tackle’s stomach

6. This year Tom Coughlin will:

    a) Continue his tough but player-friendly ways from the previous two seasons

    b) Revert back to his rigid, old-school, take-no-guff style

    c) Explode

7. Rookie Hakeem Nicks will:

    a) Be a disappointment

    b) Be a Rookie of the Year candidate

    c) Shoot himself in the leg

8. New defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan will:

    a) Have a smooth transition because of all the talent on defense

    b) Use the D line depth to keep his linemen fresh for the end of the season

    c) Fantasize that he’s former Super Bowl-winning Giant defensive coordinator Bill Belichick and wear a filthy hooded sweatshirt while calling all his players “LT.”

9. Eli Manning makes so much money now, that he can:

    a) Live life to the fullest

    b) Never have to worry about money again

    c) Afford to get as far away from Peyton as possible

10. This year the Giants will:

     a) Close out Giants Stadium in style and win the Super Bowl

     b) Make the playoffs but fall short of a championshp

     c) Miss the playoffs and get so angry about it that they’ll break Joe Theismann’s leg

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