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Redskins Giants FootballThe Giants may not have a go-to receiver but what they do have on offense is depth (though they lost one cog in the offensive machine on the first play of the season when Danny Ware dislocated his elbow). Eli Manning (20 for 29, 256 yards, one TD, one INT) completed passes to seven different receivers. Steve Smith was outstanding in his new role in the starting lineup, catching six passes. You figured they’d rely on their monster running game and ease into the aerial attack, but they came out passing instead. Brandon Jacobs didn’t really get much going, with only 46 yards, while Ahmad Bradshaw outrushed him for 60 yards. The word of the day for the O was balance – 31 running plays and 29 passing. Mario Manningham hauled in three passes and showed off some fancy footwork on his touchdown reception (the first of his career). Kevin Boss caught some key passes. And Hakeem Nicks debuted by dropping the first pass thrown to him, but he did end up with two catches. He did have to leave the game with a sprained left foot, though (didn’t Daniel Day-Lewis win an Oscar for My Sprained Left Foot?). The offensive line only gave up one sack. They did have red zone problems once again, just like last season, settling for field goals and not converting on a fourth down. But overall, they looked pretty good for the first game of the season.

Quote of the Week

“When is it dominating a game without really dominating a game?” – Tony Manero on the Giants controlling the whole game but the contest finishing with a close final score.

Factoid of the Week That May Only Interest Alan Thicke

My five-year-old daughter whipped my butt in Chutes and Ladders just as Mario Manningham crossed the goal line for his TD.

Eight Things I Used to Know But Now I’m Not Sure I Know Them and Even if I Did I’d Forget Them Anyway

1. The Giants defense is good. Bill Sheridan picked right up where Steve Spagnuolo left off. The D only let up a semi-garbage time touchdown and a field goal. The other Washington TD came on a fake field goal. “Hey! They tricked us! Are they allowed to do that?” the Giants special teams coach was overheard saying on the sideline.

2. Corey Webster came up with Big Blue’s first pick of the year, and he trumped Manningham’s footwork with some nice dance steps of his own to stay in bounds.

3. My daughter asked if she could watch SpongeBob a record 27 times. When the tackle was made on the opening kickoff she asked if the game was over and could I please turn to Nickelodeon.

4. Lawrence Tynes was three for three on field goals for the day, which is good. Because not missing is good.

5. Osi Umenyiora was back on the field and forced a fumble and ran it into the end zone for the Giants’ second touchdown. He then stormed off the field, gave Bill Sheridan a funny look and was fined by the organization for leaving playing area, but the fine was quickly rescinded when the team realized he wasn’t supposed to be on the field and wasn’t looking at Sheridan but was glancing around to see where the appetizer platter went to.

6. If Andre Woodson had any inside information for the Redskins it didn’t work.

7. My daughter’s favorite play in football is the punt. The younger generation may be on to something.

8. I’ve only watched House about three times in my life.

Stuff About Coffee

I drank two cups of coffee yesterday morning.

Annoying Travel Things That Only I Care About

I hate commuting to work. In fact, I hate it so much that I want to blow my brains out. Or gouge my eyes out with a rake and then blow my brains out. Either way.

Next Week

The Giants play in Dallas on Sunday night, where they’ll most likely be hypnotized by Jerry Jones‘ mesmerizing giant scoreboard into throwing the game.

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