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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Fantasy Basketball: Bold Predictions


Kevin Love will be this year’s version of David Lee: Love almost averaged a double-double in his rookie season (11 points and 9 rebounds). In the last 15 games of the season he averaged 14.4 points, 10 rebounds  and shot 80% from the foul line. For the second year player to get on Lee’s level he needs to record more steals and shoot a higher field goal percentage. The injury to Al Jefferson allowed Love to pick up center eligibility for this upcoming season. A healthy The ex -Bruin averaged 9.5 boards in December andJanuary before Jefferson’s injury. Love also led the league in offensive rebound rate and finished second only to C Dwight Howard in total rebound rate.

Carmelo Anthony will be a top 5 scorer: This is not a bold statement but he should be back on track this season. Danny Granger finished 5th in scorting at 25.8 but that could come down with Mike Dunleavy coming back. Melo elevated his game in the playoffs averaging 30 points in the semis and 27.5 in the …

Guest Bloggers: ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball Team

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With ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball winding down for another season, their announcing team of Joe Morgan, Jon Miller and Steve Phillips took some time to analyze the New York baseball scene for Hot Stove New York.

Joe Morgan: The Yankees are looking pretty good, having the best record in baseball, and they just clinched a spot in the postseason with last night’s win. But you really can’t compare them to the teams of old. I mean, do they have Johnny Bench on their team? [laughs] Derek Jeter does a decent job but give me Dave Concepcion any day of the week. You can throw any stat at me you want about the Yankees – you know I don’t believe in stats [laughs]. When I played we didn’t have stats. We didn’t know what batting averages were let alone WARP and whatever else these kids are talking about nowadays [laughs]. In fact, we didn’t even keep score, but the Reds still won every game we played and were the World …

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