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A Giant won, a Jet soared and a Yankee guaranteed that New York is the best place to call home.

IMG_0509Three sports team hailing from New York had simultaneous starts this afternoon (Yanks not on time due to rain delay).The Yankees, Giants and Jets each had something to prove today.

The Yankees had a reason to celebrate and be proud of this seasons accomplishments. The Bombers clinched the American League East Division for the playoffs which gives them home field advantage and an extra day off at their disposal.

The biggest upside for the Bombers not having to fly back to Anaheim to play the Angels in the first round.  The Angels are that good and that scary.

Realizing why the Yanks looked like a beaten club even when they beat the Angels is because the Angels play small ball, long ball and run the bases fiercely. Easily, the Angels have the most comparable batting line-up to the Yankees so pitchers have to be virtually perfect. The Angels are relentless in winning and their formula works.

No one is taking anything away from having to face the Tigers or the Twins to start, as both talented ball clubs. Being at home is comfortable, familiar and starting with having an entire city cheering you on beats flying across the country to face a team like Anaheim.

The Giants are still looking like the solid champs of two years back.

Big Blue won their third game in a row, a great way to start the season and one with so many unanswered questions.

The question of wide receiver has been a continual tryout to see who would be Eli’s new Plaxico. This looming question is far from an answer. Actually, it might never really get a solid answer.

The Giants do not need an answer but this third win in a row means the team does not want one either. The rotating group wide receivers are being lead by a solid Eli Manning at quarterback. Maybe that is the answer at least part one.

Part two, three and four being the defense, o-line and running game all being top of their game gives the wiggle room for Coach Coughlin to have season long tryouts.

The Jets who have been the football version of the Mets. Predicted going into the season to be good to leave fans with one disappointing lose after another. That has been the theme of the Jets, one letdown after another. Always with one glimmer of what could have been at least once a season. This entailed beating some team that even shocked the Jets themselves, leaving a worn out fan base to see that maybe next year will be better.

Welcome to that next year Jet fans.

Those Jets of the past can stay in the past. That is now a fact after defeating Tennessee Titans to go 3-0 to start the season. It might seem like a dream but it’s not and after today you can relax because last weekends win was not just luck.

It was a mini Super Bowl for Jets fans as their division mates, the mighty Patriots came to the Meadowlands and lost last week. As a Giants fan I have to say I was impressed and happy for the Jets to finally look competitive.

Rex Ryan is just the leader this team needed. Being in your first year as coach to have the players already playing for you (the coach) speaks volumes of the man Coach Ryan is. What he did against the Pats, leaving voicemails for every season ticket holder asking the fans to cheer, obviously did more then just elevates noise. It made the players believe which in turn inspires and that is what champions are made off. The other New York team is a perfect example of that.

The day anyone thought that the notion or consideration of a possible Subway Series Super Bowl would be anything more then just a really funny joke can now make it a reality. If the two New York teams keep winning which means playing this well, all season long, it could happen.

It is early, it is the Jets but even more reason to have faith in the now.

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