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Thursday, October 8th, 2009

No Accountability For Mets

Mets Rumors & News

The Mets baffled everybody by holding a nine-hour press conference on Monday to announce . . . the firing of two coaches (and reassignment of a few others). Yes, that was it. Did they really need to hold a press conference for that? Omar Minaya, Jerry Manuel and Jeff Wilpon took turns showing that there’s no accountability in the world of the Mets. Here’s what I heard Wilpon saying on Monday (keep in mind, I’m just paraphrasing here):

“What happened this season was unacceptable. But we decided to keep Omar Minaya around because when he came onboard after the 2004 season, he took a Mets franchise that was seemingly irrelevant and in five short years turned them into an embarrassing laughingstock. Not everybody has the talent to do that. Instead of creating a plan and vision for future stability, we’re going to continue to put our finger in the dike and keep on plugging holes.

“Today we’re announcing the firings of Luis Alicea and Sandy Alomar Sr., because, …

Fantasy Faceoff: Gwall vs. Iggy

Gerald Wallace vs. Andre Iguodala

The case for Wallace: Wallace averaged a career high 7.8 rebounds to go along with 1.7 steals, .9 blocks, shot 48% from the field and 80% from the foul line. However, his fantasy potential should be based on the 14 games he in March where he averaged 19.5 points, 9 rebounds, 1.5 steals, 1.4 blocks and .9 threes per game. He also shot 58% from the field which is outstanding for a small forward. He cut down his turnovers from the previous season from 2.9 to 2.1.

The case against Wallace: His scoring dipped last year (down to 16.7 from 19.4) and has missed 43 regular season games the past three seasons due to injury. Head Coach Larry Brown might consider playing Wallace at the 4 which would hurt his fantasy value. He needs to raise his assists (2.7) if he wants to go ahead of Igudola.

The case for Igudola: Iggy has missed just six games in five seasons and has played in all 82 in four of them. Last season he …

The Rangers Are Already Different

Rangers Rumors & News

It’s only three games into the season, but we’re already seeing differences between last year’s Rangers team and this season’s version. A (relatively) new coach and an overhauled roster will do that. Here are seven contrasts between the Tom Renney 2008-09 Blushirts and John Tortorella’s 2009-10 edition.
1. Only one minute and 24 seconds into Monday’s game against the Devils, Tortorella called a timeout and ripped his team a new one. And the players actually responded, by going out, working hard and winning the game. Renney would have politely implored his players to at least act like they were trying, and then been just as politely ignored, resulting in a 6-1 shellacking.
2. The safe, boring, sit-back-and-wait-for-bad-things-to-happen style of Renney is gone. And when the aggressive, all-hands-on-deck attacking mode that Tortorella favors isn’t working that night, the team is showing it can adapt, like they did in New Jersey, settling into a blue-collar battling approach.
3. The defensemen are scoring. Last year the D couldn’t score …

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