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Who to draft: Jason Kidd vs. Devin Harris

The case for Kidd: In his first full year with the Mavericks, Kidd averaged 9 points, 8.7 assists (5th in the NBA), 6.2 rebounds 2 steals (3rd in the NBA) and 1.6 threes per game. On any given night Kidd has a solid chance of recording a triple-double. Dallas signed F Shawn Marion who was Kidd’s former teammate with the Phoenix Suns. Baring injury Kidd is a safe third round pick because of his contributions in assists, rebounds, and threes. The formet Net also turned the ball over just 2.28 times per game which was his lowest total since 96-97. He shot 46% from the field and averaged 11.4 points per game in 10 playoff games last season.

The case against Kidd: Since being traded to Dallas during the 07-08 season he has averaged 9.5 points during that span. He also has not shot over 44% from the field since the 98-99 season. Kidd is now 36 years old and the upside is very limited. He also rarely goes to the foul line attempting just 1.3 per game last season.

The case for Harris: Harris had a breakout year for the Nets last season averaging 21.3 points, 6.9 assists, 3.4 rebounds and 1.7 steals per game. During November he averaged 26.3  and 25.7 points per game during February which shows his upside. The potential to score even more is high with the departure of Vince Carter. Harris averaged 8.8 free throws attempted per game which was 5th in the league.

The case against Harris: He missed 13 games last season due to different injuries and has already injured his groin and ankle during the preseason. He also made just .9 threes per game and averaged 3.1 turnovers. The Nets landed PG Rafer Alston in the  Carter trade who could push him for some minutes. The departure of VC could mean less assists. and durability of Harris is very questionable.

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