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I just completed my first 12 team live online draft with some followers. I’m going to break down each round.

League settings: Roto-8 category scoring

1st pick: Chris Paul

2nd pick: Lebron James

3rd pick: Dwyane Wade

4th pick: Kobe Bryant

5th pick: Kevin Durant

6th pick:Danny Granger

7th pick: Deron Williams

8th pick (me): Dirk Nowitzki

9th pick: Amare Stoudemerie

10th pick: Dwight Howard

11th pick: Chris Bosh

12th pick: Al Jefferson

There were no surprises with the first six picks as these players should be coming off the board. Picks 4-6 vary depending the owner’s preferences. One can make a case for Durant or Granger over Kobe.

My Strategy: The player I was targeting was PG Deron Williams but he was selected right before. I opted to take one of the safer players going in the first round. Dirk is the top fantasy power forward and scores in the NBA (25.9 last season). His fantasy value equaled the ninth overall player last season.

What I like about this pick is  that he contributes all across the board and shoots solid percentages (48 from the field and 88 from the line). Even though his his three pointers and rebounds have declined since 06, it does not concern me so much . He has missed just 10 regular season games the past three seasons and played in 37.7 minutes per game in 08-09.

Best pick: Chris Paul has finished the top player in fantasy over the past two seasons.

Questionable pick: One of the biggest questions coming into the fantasy season is where Howard should go. While he led the NBA in rebounds and blocks his FT% (59) is a concern since D12 led the league in attempts per game (10.7). According to last years number’s Dwight had a third round value.

Riskiest pick: According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Al Jefferson is out indefinitely with achilles tendinitis. This is not good news considering he missed 32 games last season due to an ACL injury. However, when he is on the court Al Jeff is one of the best fantasy bigs.

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  1. 1 On October 20th, 2009, shinny said:

    What about taking David Lee in the first round?

  2. 2 On October 20th, 2009, Andrew Feingold said:

    Yes, if was drafting just Knicks

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