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Pick 13: Steve Nash

Pick 14: Brandon Roy

Pick 15: Gilbert Arenas

Pick 16: Jason Kidd

Pick 17 (me): Jose Calderon

Pick 18: Pau Gasol

Pick 19: Chauncey Billups

Pick 20: Rajon Rondo

Pick 21: Tim Duncan

Pick 22: Kevin Garnett

Pick 23: Devin Haris

Pick 24: Joe Johnson

My Strategy: After looking over mock drafts the point guard run starts in the second round. As you can see seven point guards were taken this round. I was targeting Calderon and Billups with my selection. I chose Calderon because he should be a lock to finish top 5 in the league in assists. He also shoots close to 50% from the field and averaged over a steal and three pointer per game last season. While he has some injury concerns and has been quiet so far this preseason he is poised for a solid season.

Best pick: There a few I liked this round but one that stands out is Pau Gasol. This owner took Deron Williams in the first and pairs him with an excellent big. Gasol averaged 19 points, 9.6 rebounds, 3.5 assists, one block and shot 56% from the field and 78% from the line. In a league that starts two centers this was a solid selection. I also like Billups at 19 and Harris at 23.

Questionable pick: Tim Duncan is one of the most consistent fantasy big but lacks the upside. He is a great source for rebounds (10.7) and fg % (50). His minutes per game have decreased each of the past four seasons. His ft% was under 70 last season and averaged a career low 1.7 blocks. While Harris has injury concerns I would have taken him at pick 21 and paired him with Kobe Bryant. Rondo being selected at 20th overall was a reach but the upside is there.

Riskiest pick: Gilbert Arenas is one of the boom or bust picks of the draft. He has played just 15 games over the last two seasons. He is looking to bounce back from injuries  this season as has averaged 14 points and seven assists in five preseason games (24 minutes per game). I would  rather take Gasol or Kidd at pick 15.

Kevin Garnett is also coming off an injury and had his most disappointing season of his career. His points, rebounds and minutes per game have decreased the past three seasons. However, KG’s  fantasy value still equaled second round production last season. His blocks, steals and solid %’s are assets that are hard to ignore.

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  1. 1 On October 20th, 2009, sandker said:

    cincotta takes kg rd 2 im going to run you guys. gilbert at 15. dont make me laugh. that is a joke. he wont play 40 games this year. the hibachi has been turned off

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