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Pick 25: Brook Lopez

Pick 26: Derrick Rose

Pick 27: Elton Brand

Pick 28: Andre Igudola

Pick 29: Josh Smith

Pick 30: David Lee

Pick 31: Carmelo Anthony

Pick 32: Caron Butler

Pick 33: Monta Ellis

Pick 34: Paul Pierce

Pick 35: David West

Pick 36: Vince Carter

Only two point guards went this round if you consider Monta Ellis one. Six forwards were taken

My Strategy: I was targeting Lopez, Iggy, Gerald Wallace and Butler with my pick. I know Butler has not played more than 67 regular season games the past three years but I could not pass up the value. Butler averaged 20.8 points, 6.2 rebounds, 4.3 assists, 1.6 steals, one three and shot 45% from the field and 86% from the foul line last season. In 06-07 when Gilbert Arenas was last healthy, Butler still averaged 19.1 points. Besides his health the only other flaw is the lack of blocked shots but his fantasy value equaled the 12th overall player last season.

Best pick: Brook Lopez is coming in with a lot of hype into the season which is well deserved. The rookie averaged 13 points, 8 rebounds, 1.8 blocked shots and shot 53% from the field and 79% from the foul line. In five games this  preseason he is averaging 17 points and 2.6 blocks per game. In a two center league this was a solid pick. I also like Iggy at pick 28 and West at 35.

Questionable pick: Derrick Rose is going to become one of the best point guards in the NBA but he is not a top fantasy PG right now. His major flaws during his rookie season were his lack of threes (0.3) and steals (0.8) per game. However, he did play in 36.7 minutes per game and his scoring should rise with the departure of SG Ben Gordon. This owner had the second pick in the draft and so far has Lebron, Harris and Rose. I can see his strategy of pairing Harris with another PG making this team formidable so far.

Riskiest pick: Elton Brand over David West was a selection that stood out. Brand has played in just 37 games the past two seasons and I feel was drafted a round too early. West is a very underated fantasy and real life player as he averaged 21 points, 8.5 rebounds and 0.9 blocks last season. He also shot 47% from the field and and 88% from the foul line. If Brand is healthy this season he should average more rebounds and blocks but West is the more well rounded fantasy player.

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