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49. Shawn Marion

50. Rashard Lewis

51. Marcus Camby

52. Baron Davis

53. Boris Diaw

54. Andrew Bynum

55. Mehmet Okur

56. Rudy Gay (me)

57. Jason Terry

58. Michael Redd

59. Al Horford

60. Hedo Turkoglu

My Strategy: My choices were between Horford and Gay. I selected the former Huskie because he is durable and contributes across the board. He has missed seven games in the past three seasons and averaged 19 points, 5.5 rebounds, 1.2 steals, 1.1 three per game last season. His scoring could go down with Zach Randolph and Allen Iverson on the team. Gay is a season removed where he averaged 20 points, 6.2 rebounds and one block shot per game so the upside is there.

Best Pick: I like the Marion pick because of his versatility and will be a starter for the Mavericks. Only a few years ago he was a first found fantasy pick with the Suns. He also re-unites with his former teammate PG Jason Kidd. While, Marion does not make a lot of threes now he still contributes in rebounds, steals, blocks and posts solid %’s. Diaw, Okur and Terry were also solid picks.

Questionable pick: Andrew Bynum has a lot of upside but is playing with a strained rotator cuff. While this injury does not appear to be serious he has battled injuries so far in his young career. He has played in just 85 regular season games the past two seasons.This could be the year he breaks out but the Lakers have a crowded front court

Riskiest pick: Michael Redd was another player selected in this round with injury concerns. When healthy he is a prolific scorer and a three point threat. However, his lack of rebounds and assists makes him a limited fantasy player. He also has played in 52 or fewer regular games in two of the past three seasons. Redd is also recovering from ACL surgery and I think would be suited being taken in the sixth round. Camby and Davis are high-risk-high reward players as well. Rashard Lewis is missing the first 10 games of the season due to suspension but still has good value going in the fifth round.

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