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85. John Salmons

86. Blake Griffin

87. Wilson Chandler

88. James Harden

89. Andre Miller (me)

90. Tyrus Thomas

91. Mike Conley

92. O.J Mayo

93. Ron Artest

94. Rodney Stuckey

95. Aaron Brooks

96. Mike Bibby

Five more point guards were taken this round as well as the first two rookies.

My Strategy. Looking back maybe I should have selected Stuckey or Mayo based on upside but Andre Miller has good value this round. Even though he is coming off the bench as of now we know he is a steady producer. He has missed three games over the past three years and averaged 16.5 points, 6.5 assists, 4.5 rebounds  and 1.3 steals for the 76ers last season. While he does not shoot many threes he posts solid percentages and should be a steal once he gets inserted into the starting lineup.

Best pick: There were several picks I liked this round: Salmons, Chandler, Thomas, Mayo, Artest and Stuckey

Questionable pick: I think Harden can have a solid rookie season but there were better players on the board.

Riskiest pick: The Hawks acquired Jamal Crawford in the off-season which crowds the back court. Bibby is coming off a solid fantasy season but his numbers will take a hit.

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