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Friday, November 13th, 2009
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The Yankees win the World Series and as soon as you can say the words “Johnny Damon wants a four-year contract” the rest of the New York–area teams go down the tubes. They went a combined 5-11 this past week. It must be a hangover. Are all the local teams riding on the Yankees’ coattails and going to all of their parties? It’s also possible that many of the area teams just stink. The Knicks and Nets went a combined 0-7 this week, and are 1-16 for the year, for instance. It was only the always-good Devils that skewed the combined record by going 4-0, and they barely count as a local team.

Here’s a day-by-day look at the past seven days.

Friday: The injury-riddled Nets lost to Philly, which kept them winless for the season, and the Devils beat the Islanders in a continuation of the New Jersey–Long Island War of 1801, in which it was so cold and icey out during the Battle of Massapequa that both sides just gave up …

Fantasy Pickups



Toney Douglas (Knicks)- Douglas scored a career high 23 points in 36 minutes vs. the Hawks on Wedesnday. He scored 16 and 21 points in his previous two games and has made nine three-pointers on the season.

Rudy Fernandez (Trailblazers)- Fernandez has played inconsistent minutes all season but has 13 three-pointers and is averaging 1.78  steals per game.

Kyle Lowry (Rockets)- Lowry is averaging 8 points, 5.12 assists and 1 steal off the bench. He has played in at least 24 minutes in every game but two this season and has three games of at least eight assists.

Honorable mention: Devin Brown (Hornets)


Jared Dudley (Suns)- Dudley has scored in double figures in five of his past six games. He has 18 three-pointers on the season and is averaging 1.30 steals per game.

JJ Hickson (Cavs)- Hickson scored a season high 18 points in 31 minutes vs. the Heat yesterday. He is starting over Anderson Varejo which means he could provide a decent amount of points and rebounds.

Taj Gibson (Bulls)- Gibson has scored in double figures in three of his …

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