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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

MDC Fantasy Baseball Expert Draft


Overvalued picks

Joey Votto (Round 2): Despite missing 31 games last season Votto hit .322 with 25 homers and 84 rbi. Votto has the potential for a .320-30-100 season but so does Justin Morneau or Kevin Youkilis who each went in Round 4. Kendry Morales went in went in Round 5 and Billy Butler in round 8 shows one the depth at this position.

“Of players who were eligible at first base last season, there were 12 players with at least 30 home runs.  Of those players, there were six who posted a batting average of at least .292.”

Aramis Ramirez (Round 4): Ramirez played in 82 games last season which was his lowest since 2003 (63 games). His homeruns have decreased each year since 2006. He suffered a right shoulder injury which caused him to miss two months last season. A-Ram seems like a nice candidate to have a rebound season but I would pass. Chone Figgins went in Round 6 and Michael Young went in round 8.

Stephen Drew (Round 7)- Drew disappointed last season after a …

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

“First of all, we played our worst game of the season Sunday as a team,”-Colts President Bill Polian said after the Jets 29-15 victory. The loss marked the first time the Colts have lost in the regular season since Oct. 27, 2008 (NFL record 23 straight wins).

‘‘There’s very little credit that our football team’s given and that’s unfortunate,’’. ‘‘It bothers me a little bit. You have to earn everything you get in this league. Whether you’re playing against a starter or backup, whatever.- Jets Head coach Rex Ryan

Mike Francesa on his radio show was downplaying the Jets big victory and upset with the Ryan quote.

Francesa said:

“No way the Jets sniff victory if the Colts leave their starters in”

“Peyton Manning would’ve put up 30 pts on that Jets defense in the second half”

“Your defense is pretty good, but your offense is the worst in the league”

While all of these points are valid he is forgetting that the Jets were projected to win 5-7 games this year by most experts. Most people expected the Jets to start …

Monday, December 28th, 2009
Giants Rumors & News

In the last game the Giants will ever play at Giants Stadium, the 2009 Giants decided to honor the team that ushered in the stadium, the 3-11 1976 Giants, by playing just like them. Actually they played worse. Craig Morton, Walker Gillette and John Mendenhall were nowhere in sight, but somehow their ghosts invaded Giants Stadium (and somehow they have ghosts even though they’re not dead yet), as this year’s edition played like a last place team. The final score was 41-9, but the game really wasn’t that close.

This game is probably beyond analysis, but we’ll try anyway. Tackling? Pathetic. Rushing? Pathetic. Defense? Pathetic. Offense? Pathetic. That pretty much covers it. With the season on the line, the Giants just didn’t show up, and now they’re as dead and buried as Jimmy Hoffa. And they closed out Giants Stadium in humiliating fashion, dishonoring all the teams that played before them. It was a sad and pitiful display of football, with the team showing no heart, …

MDC Fantasy Baseball Expert Draft Review


Undervalued picks:

Round 3: Justin Upton

Player A: 159 games, 606 at bats, .297, 26 homers, 101 rbi, 97 runs, 34 steals

Player B: 138 games, 526 at bats, .300, 26, homers, 86 rbi, 84 runs, 20 steals

Player A is Matt Kemp who went 6th overall (1st round) and player B is Upton who was the last pick in the 3rd round. Upton missed games last year because he was placed on the DL with a right oblique strain. He is only going to get better next season and why not draft someone two rounds later when the numbers are similar.

Round 5: Kendry Morales

Morales had a breakthrough year last year batting .306 with 34 homers, 108 RBI and 86 runs. He hit .330 with 19 homers and 59 RBI after the All-Star Break. Even though he struggled in the post-season his ranking next year  should not be effected. 1st baseman Joey Votto was drafted in the second round and his numbers should be around what Morales does this upcoming season.

Round 6: Carlos Lee

Lee is one of the most …

Week 9 Observations


1. David Lee is playing like an All-Star: Lee is playing his best basketball of his career this month. He is averaging 18.7 points, 11.8 rebounds, 1.1 steal and is shooting 62% from the field and 83% from the foul line. He is 12th in the East in scoring (18.4) which is more than Gerald Wallace, Paul Pierce,Dwight Howard and Mo Williams. Lee is 5th in boards (10.8) which is more than Al Horford, and Brook Lopez. Lee is 4th in FG% (57.7) ahead of Kevin Garnett. The Knicks are one game out of the 8th seed and have held opponents to under 100 points in 10 straight games

Player A:15 rebounds, 7 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 1 steal, .9 blocks, 54.9 FG, 83.9 FT, 30 minutes per game

Player B: 18.4 points, 10.7 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.1 steals, .4 blocks, 57.7% FG , 78.1 free throw, 35 minutes per game

Player A is Kevin Garnett and is 1,113,213 votes make him a starting forward

2. Zach Randolph is a beast: Randolph has three games of at least 32 points and …

Week 10 Pickups


Week 10 (Dec. 28-Jan. 3)
Teams playing four games: Charlotte, Cleveland, Indiana, L.A. Lakers, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Antonio
Teams playing three games: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Golden State, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Toronto, Utah, Washington
Teams playing two games: Detroit, L.A. Clippers

Tony Allen (Celtics)- Allen has started the past two games for an injured Paul Pierce. He is averaging 13 points, 7 rebounds and 2 steals in these games. Her played in a season high 39 minutes against the Clippers yesterday.

Yi Jianlian (Nets)- Yi has posted two solid games since he has returned from an injury. Before returning this past week the last time he saw action was on November 3rd. He has looked sharp averaging  18.5 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 three-pointers against the Timberwolves and Rockets. His 36 minutes vs. Houston was the most he has played since opening night.

Keyon Dooling (Nets)- Dooling is played extending minutes due to Rafer Alston missing games with a back injury.He …

Thursday, December 24th, 2009
Devils Rumors & NewsGiants Rumors & News

Christmas is all about comebacks and overcoming adversity against all odds. Ok, it’s really nothing about comebacks and overcoming adversity against all odds but is about love, peace on earth, goodwill toward men, opening presents, then drinking all day long and passing out underneath the tree as an ornament falls and pierces one of your eyeballs, sending you screaming down the street bloody, naked and in horrifying pain. Ah, Christmas. One of the brightest, heartwarming stories of the week, though, is Jonathan Bender’s return to the world of basketball after not playing a game in four years. And on top of it all, he’s been productive. The Knicks, too, are on the comeback trail after starting out at 1-9. Bender’s return after a long absence brings to mind other great comebacks. So, without further ado, here’s a random list of notable returns over the decades (and even centuries).

Gordie Howe retired after the 1971 season, then came back in 1973-’74 to play with his sons, Mark and Marty, lasting …

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
Rangers Rumors & News

After John Tortorella’s tirade heard round the world last Wednesday night, the Rangers have won three straight games. “No entitlement” is the new philosophy in Ranger Land. The first step was to scratch Wade Redden for two games. He took it like a man. Well, actually he didn’t. He took it like a four-year-old. “Why am I being singled out?” was his response. You’re not being singled out; you stink, is the answer. Ales Kotalik was also scratched, and Chris Drury was demoted to the fourth line. It’s a brand-new world for the Blueshirts. Maybe Madison Square Garden won’t be a graveyard for the rich and lazy anymore.
On the surface all the moves seemed to work, with the Rangers not having lost since the coach’s outburst. But the first two games were won thanks to the brilliance of Henrik Lundqvist. The team played solidly all around in Monday’s game against Carolina, though. And all three games were against subpar opponents, so it’s hard …

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Giants Crush, Kill and Destroy Redskins

Giants Rumors & News

Last night, the Giants went back in time to the carefree, innocent, halcyon days of weeks one through five, when they romped and had their way with opponents and were looking like the best team in the NFL. Of course, they were playing against some of the worst teams in the NFL. And on Monday Night Football, the Redskins sure looked like one of the league’s dregs, making life easy for Big Blue. But at this time of year, all that matters is a win. But if it’s a 45-12 win, then that’s all the better.
The “good” Giants showed up for this game, and what did they do right vs. the Skins? How about everything. It was domination, annihilation, whatever fun word you want to use. The D pressured the quarterback, rattled the quarterback, sacked the quarterback (five times), injured the quarterback and generally made life miserable for the quarterback. They dominated the line of scrimmage. They played with three subs in the defensive backfield …

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Week 9 Pickups


Week 9 (Dec. 21-27)
Teams playing four games: Cleveland, Houston, Indiana, L.A. Clippers, Phoenix, San Antonio
Teams playing three games: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Golden State, L.A. Lakers, Miami, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Portland, Sacramento, Utah, Washington
Teams playing two games: Charlotte, Memphis, New Jersey, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Toronto

Beno Udrih (Kings)- Udrih should be owned in most league but if he is not rush to pick him up. Udrih is averaging 14 points, 4 assists and is shooting 53% from the field in 30 minutes per game. He is is making 1.3 threes per game and .9 steals.

Kyle Lowry (Rockets)- Lowry scored a season high 26 points vs. the Thunder last Friday. He has 21 assists over his past three games and is averaging 25 minutes per game this month.

Roger Mason (Spurs)- Mason scored a season high 19 points last Tuesday. He is a streaky shooter but has also received playing time the last three games. Matt Bonner is sidelined with …

Week 8 Observations


1. Joakim Noah is not slowing down: Noah had his second 20+ rebound game of the season this past week. That game was against the Lakers where he also had 6 blocked shots and 14 offensive rebounds. Even though he is struggling from the field this month but his free throw attempts (3.6) an FT % (75) are both up in December. His 2.2 blocks this month are a season high and he is third in the NBA with 12 rebound per game.

2. Gerald Wallace is playing like an All-Star but is it time to sell high?: Wallace is averaging 18 points, 13.3 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block and shooting 49% from the field in December. He plays at least 40 minutes in mostly every game and is second in the league with 12.1 rebounds. G-Wall has had his injury concerns and missed today’s game vs. the Knicks due to severe headaches.

3. Gilbert Arenas is heating up: Arenas is averaging 25 points, 8 assists and 2.4 threes in 36 minutes this month. He is now …

Friday, December 18th, 2009
Devils Rumors & NewsGiants Rumors & News

On Saturday night I was flipping between another Rangers loss and the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Of course you can’t help but wonder, “What if George Bailey’s situation happened to me?” What if I were able to see the consequences of never being born? That thought lasted about a minute and a half, because everybody’s life would surely be better. My wife would have been able to marry a more successful, rich, interesting, well-rounded man instead of someone who has nothing but a monkey shooting a slap shot, a couple of empty beer cans and some old Rusty Staub highlights filling up his head. My daughter would have a normal father, one who doesn’t constantly quiz her on the proper French Canadian–accented way of saying the names Guy Lafleur and Gilbert Perrault. And nobody else’s life would be affected one way or the other.

But on that subject, what if, more importantly, James Dolan had never been born? The Isiah Thomas era would never have happened. …

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