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Monday, December 7th, 2009

Giants Rise From the Dead

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The last Giants game will forever be known as The Year the Giants Ruined Thanksgiving. Every time I bit into one of my turkey sandwiches in the days that followed I tasted the Giants inept performance. When I dug into a meal of leftovers, all I could think of was the zombie-like, going-through-the-motions play of the Giants in Denver that night (do zombies go through the motions?). Would I ever be able to enjoy and celebrate Thanksgiving again? How could turkey taste so bitter? Things were not looking good for Big Blue (or my taste buds). In fact they looked dead and buried. But yesterday, they climbed out of their grave and defeated Dallas for the second time this season (does that make them zombies for this game, too? I’m really confusing myself here). They’re still trailing in the division and wild card races, but they’re still alive.
After digging themselves a 10-0 hole in the second quarter, the Giants showed some life, grit and fortitude …

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