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88972305AB001_NEW_YORK_GIANLast night, the Giants went back in time to the carefree, innocent, halcyon days of weeks one through five, when they romped and had their way with opponents and were looking like the best team in the NFL. Of course, they were playing against some of the worst teams in the NFL. And on Monday Night Football, the Redskins sure looked like one of the league’s dregs, making life easy for Big Blue. But at this time of year, all that matters is a win. But if it’s a 45-12 win, then that’s all the better.

The “good” Giants showed up for this game, and what did they do right vs. the Skins? How about everything. It was domination, annihilation, whatever fun word you want to use. The D pressured the quarterback, rattled the quarterback, sacked the quarterback (five times), injured the quarterback and generally made life miserable for the quarterback. They dominated the line of scrimmage. They played with three subs in the defensive backfield but you couldn’t tell the difference, as they intercepted three passes. The defense played like we thought they were going to play this year. Was Steve Spagnuolo on the sidelines?

On the other side of the ball, the offense scored at will. They scored in the red zone. They scored outside thmanninge red zone. They scored from their locker room. They’ve been on fire for weeks now, and they continued their roll last night. The O line controlled the play (and played most of the game with two backups), with one long drive after another. Brandon Jacobs (52 yards) and Ahmad Bradshaw (61 yards, two TDs) were effective. Eli Manning had time to text his brother while dropping back on most of his passes, and was all but perfect (19 for 26, 268 yards, three TDs, no picks). He set a career high with his 26th touchdown pass. In his last three games, he’s thrown eight TD passes with only one interception. Last night, his passes were spread around to anyone and everyone. He might as well have been handing out Christmas presents. Steve Smith, Derek Hagan and Mario Manningham all caught TD passes.

The question is, do the Giants now have some momentum heading into the last two weeks of the season? Are they finding themselves? Or was this all due to the Redskins’ ineptitude? They still have to win their last two games with the Cowboys or Packers losing at least one to make the playoffs, but can the Giants be the hot team riding high into the postseason? Or, again, was it just the Redskins? And is it all too late? Here’s the schedule the rest of the way for the Giants, Packers and Cowboys:

Giants: home vs. Carolina / at Minnesota

Packers: home vs. Seattle / at Arizona

Cowboys: at Washington / home vs. Philadelphia


The last time the Giants racked up 45 or more points vs. the Skins was in 1968 at Yankee Stadium, winning 48-21. Fran Tarkenton was 9-16, throwing for 264 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for one himself. Homer Jones caught five passes for 179 yards, and caught 82- and 56-yard TD passes. Spider Lockhart picked off two passes, and ran one back 47 yards for a touchdown. And Pete Gogolak, playing against his brother Charlie, booted two field goals.

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