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“First of all, we played our worst game of the season Sunday as a team,”-Colts President Bill Polian said after the Jets 29-15 victory. The loss marked the first time the Colts have lost in the regular season since Oct. 27, 2008 (NFL record 23 straight wins).

‘‘There’s very little credit that our football team’s given and that’s unfortunate,’’. ‘‘It bothers me a little bit. You have to earn everything you get in this league. Whether you’re playing against a starter or backup, whatever.- Jets Head coach Rex Ryan

Mike Francesa on his radio show was downplaying the Jets big victory and upset with the Ryan quote.

Francesa said:

“No way the Jets sniff victory if the Colts leave their starters in”

Peyton Manning would’ve put up 30 pts on that Jets defense in the second half”

“Your defense is pretty good, but your offense is the worst in the league”

While all of these points are valid he is forgetting that the Jets were projected to win 5-7 games this year by most experts. Most people expected the Jets to start the season 0-3 but they won the first three games of the season against  Texas, Patriots and Titans. If the Jets can make the playoffs with a rookie quarterback (Mark Sanchez)  and a rookie Head Coach (Rex Ryan) the season would be a huge success. Also they have been playing without two of their most important players (NT Kris Jenkins injured since Week 6) and (RB-KR Leon Washington injured since Week 7)

The team has had their fair share of bad losses ( twice to Miami, Bills, Falcons and Jaguars). Sanchez has thrown 16 of his 20 interceptions in games the Jets have lost.

The team dominated the teams they were supposed to beat: 38-0 over Raiders, 17-6 vs Panthers and 26-3 vs. the Bucs. It is also worth noting they got help from Broncos fizzling off and the Steelers underachieving.

The Jets took advantage of the Colts resting key offensive players in the third quarter and with a win this Sunday vs. the Bengals they make the playoffs. For Francesa to bully excited Jets callers is in his routine. While i acknowledge the Jets are not an elite team they should not be thrown under the bus. Someone should call up and ask Francesa if he knows the last team to lead the league in defense and miss the playoffs (1998 Chargers)

Mike is a Giants fan and a Peyton supporter and rather scream at Jet callers than explain the collapse of Big Blue (3-7 in last 10 games).

These stats can be interpreted as informative or meaningless: As we know Francesa would choose the latter.

1. In average yards allowed to top receivers, the Jets lead the league by a wide margin at 30.5 yards per game — and that’s almost always been Darrelle Revis’ man (Revis was picked by SI’s Peter King to win Defensive Player of the Year)

2. Jets lead the league in total defense with 264.3 yards allowed per game and passing yards allowed with 163.9

3.  The Jets lead the NFL with 166.6 rushing yards per game. Thomas Jones is the third leading rusher in the AFC (1324 rushing yards, 4.4 yards per carry) and tied for third in the NFL with 12 rushing touchdowns.

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  1. 1 On December 30th, 2009, Jeff Zachowski said:

    Wait, are you postulating that Sunday was anything other than a forfeit? Oh Andrew, come on.

    The Jets have been running their mouths all year – I hate it, but I’ve come to accept it, as a Jets fan. That was my biggest problem when this coach walked through the door. He hadn’t spent a day in this league as a HC, and he’s taking shots at divisional foes on day one. He thinks it pumps up his team, fine, but it’s still low-class and unprofessional.

    Point being: If you’re the Jets, and you get a gift like you did on Sunday, you shut up, end of story. Rex Ryan actually has the nerve to talk about his team not getting enough credit for the win? My god. If he feels that way he ought to go have himself a good cry about it. Francesa has every right to pour cold water on whatever joker calls the Fan looking to sing the Jets’ praises.

    Beat the Bengals, that’s it.

  2. 2 On December 30th, 2009, Gold said:

    I agree Ryan needs to stop giving the media quotes and focus on the game Friday…

  3. 3 On December 30th, 2009, Stephen Santore said:

    Let be real honest about Farncesa. The man is on the Giants payroll, and his bias for that team is unbelievably noticeable. He gets paid to make all Jet fans look like dumb kids from New Jersey. However, he makes Giant fans all look like John Madden.

    The Jets have the right to celebrate any victories the may get in the NFL. Because if your a Jet fan you don’t really ever expect to win a game. So hats off to you o

  4. 4 On January 10th, 2010, Kathleen said:

    I am so tired of listening to Mike Francesa and his hatred for the Jets. Last week, all he talked about was how the Colts layed down and gave the Jets that win..This week, they win straight out (On the road in a pumped up Paul Brown Stadium) and he still can’t give them credit for being a Good Football team. I feel that there is a deep personal issue that Mike has with the Jets Franchise. You cannot report about a team and be unbiased when you have these issues! Time for Mike Francesa to go BYE-BYE!!

  5. 5 On January 20th, 2010, Andrew Feingold said:

    anyone else see Mike playing with a Colts helmet on his show?

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