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We’re only one week into 2010 and I’m already dropping the ball on my resolutions. In the past I’ve been more successful, such as the year I resolved to quit smoking cigarettes. I used one of those quit-smoking programs, with the patches and the gum and the whole nine yards. Unfortunately, the side effects included nausea, dizziness, vomiting, disorientation, hallucinations, agitation, hostility, amnesia, blindness, a hacking cough, lung cancer, throat cancer, the sudden loss of one’s extremities, and addiction to cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars. Sure, now I can’t see, I’m always falling down, I have no idea who I am, I have a hole in my throat and I’m constantly having hallucinations that Art Howe is standing beside me trying to sell me a time-share, but at least I don’t smoke anymore. This year I decided to stop being so humble, demur and shy and to play up my strengths, which means wearing more tank top shirts to show off my impressive shoulder and back hair and to stop hiding my disgustingly smelly feet, but instead, let my individuality reign and possibly enter some kind of rancid-smelling foot contest. I’ve already missed the deadline for the 2010 Stenchy Awards (or more commonly known as the Stenchys), and I haven’t worn any tank tops yet, but I still have 51 weeks left to get my act together.

The New York sports scene saw a number of locals break their resolutions, too. Mike D’Antoni’s resolution to keep Nate Robinson on the bench this year only lasted a few hours. The Giants resolved not to let up 40 or more points in a game but failed in their first week of the new year. The Nets vowed to win a game in 2010, but we’re still waiting. Rex Ryan pledged he would stop with the boasting and trash talking, but instantly declared his team the favorite for the Super Bowl. And the Rangers promised that they would get through the rest of the season with only Marian Gaborik scoring any goals, but lo and behold, seven other players also scored this week.

Here are the top headlines from the past week in New York sports:

Jets Good: The Meadowlands got a second shot at a memorable sendoff, and, unlike the Giants, the Jets came through for the 34-year-old stadium. Two Sundays ago, the Jets got a stocking filled with Christmas miracles – every team lost that they wanted to lose and the Colts rested Peyton Manning, which surely helped the Jets’ chance for a victory. This week, the Bengals gave them another gift win by not showing up – or did they? The debate is still raging. But a win’s a win, nonetheless, and Gang Green is in the playoffs. Brad Smith had a breakout wild cat game. And Darrelle Revis completely shut down Chad Ochocinco. The loudmouth receiver vowed not to get stranded on Revis Island, but he was last seen trying to build a radio out of a coconut so he could contact someone to rescue him from his embarrassing day. The rematch is tomorrow.

Giants Bad: Owner John Mara summed everything up about the 2009 Giants earlier in the week:

“This is probably as disappointed as I’ve ever been in my life at this team, given the expectations that we had this year, given the roster I thought we had and given the way we started out, given the embarrassment of the last two weeks.”

“I’m disappointed in everything, I’m unhappy at everybody. It is just not acceptable to perform like that. There are 8-8 seasons and there are 8-8 seasons. This one felt a lot more like 2-14 to me.”

“Even before the last two games, there were at least four other losses where we were just not competitive. And obviously the last two games were the worst. But when you have that many games where you get blown out, there is something wrong. That means that something has to be done.”

“The lack of mental and physical toughness and, quite frankly, a lack of effort over the last two weeks. That is just something I never expected to see from this group of players.”

“I know we had some injuries but I don’t think we had catastrophic injuries.”

“There’s no excuse for performing the way we performed over basically the last 11 weeks.”

The Nate Robinson Explosion: His exile ended on Friday and he pumped in 41 points to lead the Knicks to victory. Pick your point of view: D’Antoni’s strategy worked; or he should have been playing the guard all along. Just in time to replace Nate-Gate comes Larry Hughes-Gate. Maybe the coach should spend a minute or two a week communicating with his players. What harm could it do? If it’s too difficult for him, he could hire Bill Lumbergh to handle that task for him: “What’s happening, Larry . . . mmm, yeah . . . I’m going to need you to . . . mmm . . . not play for a few weeks . . . yeah . . . if you could just go ahead and sit on the bench for the next month or so, that would be great  . . . mmm, yeah . .  and don’t forget to use the new cover sheet when you fill out your TPS reports, m’kay?” Meanwhile, and more importantly, the Knicks are winning consistently, everyone’s contributing, they’re playing solid defense and David Lee is coming into his own and playing like an All-Star.

Jason Bay Is a Met: The lack of market for Jason Bay is the Mets gain. They’ll pay 54 million dollars less than the Cardinals will be paying Matt Holliday (or $40 million if you count that fifth-year option) and on the hook for fewer years. Omar Minaya waited him out and it worked. The left fielder and his agent waited for a bidding war that never happened, and Minaya only anted up an extra million (and a fifth-year option) from his original offer. The Mets only hit four home runs as a team last season so Bay should help out in the power department. And the Canadian outfielder will usher in a new era for the team – Les Mets. It’s possible they may have signed Rod Gilbert, too.

El Diablo: The Devils tallied the most-ever points at the halfway mark in franchise history, with 61. Team captain Jamie Langenbrunner also had a memorable week: He was the NHL’s first star of the week, he was named to the U.S. Olympic hockey team on Friday, and then he scored his first career hat trick on Saturday in his native Minnesota with 200 of his closest friends watching – though they may have just wanted to get out of the minus-20-degree weather and into a nice toasty hockey rink.

The Delinquent: Sean Avery led the Rangers to victory on Wednesday, with a goal and three assists against the team that let him go and is still paying him. Why did he have a Nate Robinson-like explosion in the game? “I was getting paid by two teams.” The Blueshirts went 2-0-2 this week, and are on a 7-1-3 run.

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