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Monday, January 18th, 2010
Rangers Rumors & News

Wade Redden’s fighting. Chris Drury’s scoring. They totaled six goals. In one game. They’re relentless. They swarm to the net. They’re physical. They stand up for themselves. Who are these guys? Are they the Rangers? Or are they imposters? Ok, we now know they can play a game like they did vs. Montreal and even one such as last week’s contest against the Devils. But then they squeeze in a couple of snoozers in St. Louis and against Ottawa. They have multiple personalities. They have an identity crisis. Not every team is consistent night in and night out, but this is ridiculous.

The Rangers are a team filled with a mix of young and old, and part of the learning curve for inexperienced players is learning to be consistent on a nightly basis, and for the crusty vets on the team, let’s face it, they periodically, and sadly, can’t be bothered to try every single game at this stage of their careers (I don’t think I need to name …

Week 13 Pickups


Week 13 (Jan. 18-24)

Teams playing four games: Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Golden State, Indiana, L.A. Clippers, L.A. Lakers, Miami, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, Toronto, Washington
Teams playing three games: Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Denver, Houston, Memphis, New York, San Antonio
Teams playing two games: Utah

Carlos Delfino (Bucks)- Delfino scored a season-high 26 points vs. the Jazz last Friday. He also had 6 three-pointers, 4 rebounds and 4 steals in 39 minutes. With Michael Redd out for the season look for Delfino to have games like these.

Derrick Brown (Bobcats)- Brown had a breakout game vs. the Suns last Friday scoring 18 points with 2 steals. He was also 8-8 from the foul line and should bolster a weak Bobcats bench.

Cartier Martin (Warriors)- Martin has played 34 minutes in each of last two games for the injury plagued Warriors. If he receives consistent playing time he can be a cheap source for points and threes.

Chris Wilcox (Pistons)- Wilcox …

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