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Thursday, April 1st, 2010

The Not-Quite-Legendary in New York Sports History: Mark Bavaro

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We all know about the great athletes in New York sports history – Babe Ruth, Tom Seaver, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Namath, Mark Messier, Walt Frazier – and even the busts – Ed Whitson, Mo Vaughn, Roberto Alomar, Stephon Marbury, Scott Gomez. But what about the slightly-to-highly-above-average athlete? The kind-of-great but not all-timer? They may not have been Hall-of-Famers, but they were All-Stars, fan favorites, cogs on a championship team or maybe even just pretty darn good. They’re the little brother that didn’t hog all the attention. But they’re certainly worth talking about and remembering. So when do they get their due? Well, now they will. Here is a series of the not-quite-legendary in New York sports history.

Mark Bavaro was tough. He was probably the toughest player in the NFL during his era. He played through a broken jaw for six weeks (while sipping food through a straw), he played through broken toes, he played through sprained ankles and he would have played headless, legless or armless if the opportunity arose. He was that tough. His …

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