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Monday, April 19th, 2010

A Long Weekend for the Mets

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The first two weeks of the Met’ season is over and done with and the results are in: The Mets stink. So the question isn’t: “Is it too early to start firing people?” but rather: “Is it too late?” The Mets should have cleaned house after last season, but didn’t have the fortitude (or money?) to do so. After announcing how important it was to get off to a fast start, they lost the first three series of the season heading into St. Louis, and promptly lost that series, too. Omar Minaya is pleased, though, as the bar is set so low for this team that he stated if the Mets came away with one victory against the Cards he would be happy (I can’t remember where I saw that quote, otherwise I’d link to it). Saying one win is acceptable in a three-game series should be a fireable offense. Omar, your time is up.

The weekend started out promising. Oliver Perez was rock solid on Friday night, …

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