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Monday, April 26th, 2010

Will the Mets Get Cut in Half by a Machete?

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Luis Castillo’s on first, Angel Pagan’s on second and Jose Reyes hits a pop-up to third. The infield fly rule is called, but Chipper Jones is napping, wakes up and then drops the ball. And all hell breaks loose for the Braves. That’s right – all hell breaks loose for the Braves, not the Mets. Every infielder on the Braves is pointing to first base, running to first base, throwing the ball to first base or tagging Reyes at first base, when . . . there’s no play at first base. Pagan (with Chip Hale’s help) scores from second on what should have been a routine pop out. It’s actually the Mets who do the smart thing and the opposition who are the blundering boobs. Major leaguers who don’t know the rules of the game? And they don’t play for the Mets? Are things turning around for the Amazin’s? Is the sun finally coming out for them?

Letting in a run on an infield fly rule is pretty …

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