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“You know what the difference is this year. We have more baseball players. We’re more competitive as a team.” – anonymous Met

“We’re all motivated and we are counting on every single guy on our team. We are competing for sure. We’re competing against all the teams we’re doing all the little things and I think that’s the difference right now compared to last year. Everybody is motivated, everybody knows how important they are to this team.” – Johan Santana

“I think we have the right attitude. Maybe a part of it was the failure that we had has brought everybody a little bit closer. I think everybody realized we have to play as a unit to be successful. This city doesn’t want great individual performances, they want winners. Hopefully we can give them that.” – David Wright

“Holy crap!” – Frank Barone

The Mets have now swept their last two series, won seven in a row and went 9-1 on this home stand. Are they turning into a real team right before our very eyes? It sure looks like it. Was that Henry Blanco going from first to third on a single? Was that David Wright and Jason Bay driving in clutch runs? Was that the Mets winning games that were started by Oliver Perez and John Maine? Was that Hisanori Takahashi bailing out his teammates? Was that Ike Davis batting .355 in the first 10 games of his career? Was that Jose Reyes being switched to the third spot in the batting order without any kind of immature tantrum? In fact, was that everybody on the team actually doing their jobs? Why, yes it was. Even Jerry Manuel’s making all the right moves, as we saw when he pulled Perez out of Tuesday’s game before things could get out of hand.

Nobody’s talking about treading water until Carlos Beltran gets back (I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him at all this season). Nobody’s talking about getting out of town, escaping Citi Field anymore. And nobody’s talking about eventually playing winning baseball anymore. Because the Mets are actually doing that now. The words “fundamentals” and “Mets” usually don’t go together, but don’t look now, they’ve become perfectly entwined. Sure, there’s the odd fly ball that drops in between Bay and Angel Pagan, but that happens with a six-run lead in the ninth inning these days, not a tie game with the winning run on third like in the days of yore, aka 2009.

For what it’s worth, the chemistry on the team is better this year, and as the players are saying themselves, they have a higher level of competition on this team. These guys are getting a little dirtier than their failed predecessors, they’re running a little harder and they’re playing a lot smarter. Now the question is, Can they keep it up?

Sure, maybe we should all take a step back and heed The Wolf’s warning in Pulp Fiction about not you-know-whating each other’s you-know-whats quite yet, but right now the Mets are smoking hot and in first place, so let’s enjoy it for today.

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