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Besides winning 44+ games here are the other trends that made the teams in the East, playoff competitive during the regular season.

– The 8 postseason teams ranked the best in opposing 3pt %

– 7 of the 8 playoff seeds ranked 1-7 in opponents field goal % (Hawks were 9th)

– 7 teams that allowed the fewest points per game made the playoffs (Heat, Magic, Bucks, Hawks,Celtics, Cavs, Bobcats…Bulls were 9th)

-5 teams with the best rebounding differential made the playoffs.

What has to be done:

According to the Knicks top five-man lineup unit consisted of Duhon, Chandler, Gallo, Lee and Jeffries. They had 15 wins and 16 losses with a +/- ratio of +8. This unit played the most minutes and likely finished the best because of the versatility and familiarity with each other. New York needs to find a starting rotation with chemistry and size for next season.

Al Harrington had the 2nd worse +/- (-225) on the Knicks and he should not be returning next year. If the Knicks bring back Bill Walker he could be one of the main scorers and defensive players off the bench.

-The Knicks were 11-45 when opponents scored 100+ points. (Bobcats allowed opponents to score 100+ points 21 times, Cavs and Magic 25, Heat 29, Hawks 30.)

Adding size to the front court: Knicks finished 1st in opponents points per game, 2nd worse in opponents field goal % and 2nd worse in rebound differential. Knicks did not have a 7-footer in the starting lineup until the 75th game of the season.

– As a team finished 29th in blocks per game and last in the East.

These needs have to be addressed in free agency and the NBA Draft if the Knicks have any hope of sniffing the postseason again.

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