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The 2010 NBA Draft Lottery will happen tonight at 8 p.m in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Here are the percentages for the 14 teams to win the lottery (number 1 overall pick)

The top 2 picks are projected to be John Wall and Evan Turner

3-5 picks (not in any order) Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins and Wes Johnson

Since 1994, the team with the worst record has won the lottery only once — Orlando in 2004.

-Cavs and Nuggets had same record in 2003

Nets (25.0 percent )

T-Wolves (19.9 percent)

Kings (15.6 percent)

Warriors (10.4 percent)

Wizards(10.3 percent)

76ers (5.3 percent)

Pistons (5.3 percent)

Clippers (2.3 percent)

Jazz (2.2 percent)- Pick from the Knicks

Pacers (1.1 percent)

Hornets (0.8 percent)

Grizzles (0.7 percent)

Raptors (0.6 percent)

Rockets (0.5 percent)

Questions after the lottery

– What happens if the Nets lose out on Wall

– Does Wolves GM Randy Kahn select Turner over Wall if they win the lottery

– How good can the Kings backcourt be if they land Wall

-Who will be the better pro Favors or Cousins

– Will the player selected by the Jazz turn out to be an All-Star

-What players stock will rise the most before the Draft

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