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Mark Bartlestein, the agent for David Lee, said that Lee is putting up 500 three-point jump shots per day so far this off-season. Lee is working on improving his long-distance game.”

This is encouraging news for Lee in terms of adding another ripple to his offensive repertoire. Lee has yet to make a three pointer in his five seasons. This past season he set a career high with 8 attempts from downtown. Lee has the ability to convert threes because of his work ethic. He set a career in making 43% of his shots from 16-23 feet. Also, instead of rolling on the pick Lee could pop out which would give him even more open looks. Lee exposed a lot of bigs who did not respect his improved range. Can Lee to have a outburst of three pointers like Channing Frye did with the Suns?

In his four years at Arizona, Frye made 6 three pointers and 20 in his first four NBA seasons. However he showed progress in 2008-2009 shooting 11-33 beyond the arc. A season before that he made 47% of his shots from between 16-23 feet. It was a real revelation of what Frye accomplished with the Suns. Playing with Steve Nash was a big help to his breakout. He finished 4th in the NBA with 172 three pointers and 6th in 3pt percentage. During the season he made 6 three pointers in back-to-back games and has at least six threes on 5 different occasions. Because of his shooting prowess he was selected to participate in the 3-point shootout during All-Star Weekend.

It is a smart move for Lee to upgrade his game even more as free agency is upon us. We all know his post defense has to improve but he first needs to bulk up and have the proper instruction.  Also, if the Knicks do re-sign him adding size to the front line will help his transition into becoming a better defender.

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