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Derek Fisher was the difference,”  Doc Rivers declared.

Derek Fisher made three big shots down the stretch to help secure a 91-84 win and 2-1 series lead. He finished with 16 points (11 in the 4th quarter). With the Celtics paying more attention to Kobe, Fisher made five of his seven field goal attempts and the game clinching free throw. His three point play gave the Lakers a 7 point lead with 48 seconds left. As three Celtic players were about to huddle in on Fisher he was able to make the layup before Glen Davis fouled him in the act. It always seems Fisher thrives in pressure situations when the team needs him.

“He pretty much won the game,” said Rajon Rondo. “When we made our run, he seemed to have answers every time”

Fisher was also was a force on the defensive end hounding Ray Allen. After a record setting Game 2, Allen missed all 13 shots. He nearly set another record with most misses in a finals game without a make (Dennis Johnson 0-14).

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