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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

NBA Finals: Seven reasons why the Lakers will win Game 7

Since 1959 the Celtics have beaten the Lakers all four times in a Game 7. However, this Boston team lacks a Bill Russel or Larry Bird. Last night reminded us this was the same team that finished 27-27 over the final 54 games of the regular season.

Rajon Rondo picked the wrong time to have the worst game of the Finals. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett failed to attempt a free throw and Ray Allen was the only Celtic to score over 13 points.

It also appeared the refs were on the Lakers side last night, but that’s another topic for discussion.

1) Home court advantage: In the NBA Finals the home team has won 13 of the previous 16 Game 7s, including the four most recent ones.

2) The injury to Kendrick Perkins and the health of Andrew Bynum: Perkins sprained his right knee with 5 minutes and 30 seconds left in the first quarter and did not return. By the end of the first quarter Pau Gasol …

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