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According to

“There may have been another shift in the speculation surrounding where LeBron James will sign when he becomes a free agent in less than two weeks.

During an interview on ESPN Radio in New York, Stephen A. Smith said sources have told him that James is now leaning toward signing with the Knicks and that this factor played a role in Tom Izzo turning down the Cavs’ head coaching job.

“LeBron didn’t speak to Izzo because he doesn’t want to have anything to do with who the next coach of the Cavs is going to be just in case he leaves,” Smith said.

“From what my sources tell me, he still hasn’t made a final decision but he’s higher on New York now than he was a month ago. And the reality is that he is leaning more towards New York than he is towards returning to Cleveland. Izzo knew this,” he said.

Smith suggests that the prospect of competing head to head with Michael Jordan’s legacy in Chicago is dampening James’ interest in the Bulls.

“He and his people have been digging deeper and deeper … to inquire about Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni around the league,” he continued. “They have been asking questions over the last week, very in-depth questions, about the New York Knicks organization.”

My take:

More speculation for us to take in but Stephen A. Smith knows LBJ and is very connected. Free Agency is 13 days away and I would like to know the questions his people are asking the Knicks organization.

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