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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Wolves to target Rudy Gay

According to the StarTribune:

“David Kahn says he plans to call two agents at 11 o’clock Wednesday, when the NBA’s free-agency negotiation period begins. I hear from a good league source that one of those two guys is Memphis forward Rudy Gay.

The question about Gay is whether the Wolves would try to package a front-loaded offer too painful for the Grizzlies to match or whether they’d try to strike a sign-and-trade deal.”

My take: The Wolves will have about $13.1 million in cap space. With the third pick in the NBA Draft the Wolves selected small forward Wes Johnson who plays the same position as Gay.They also acquired Lazar Haywood (last pick in the first round) and Martell Webster.

With the additions they made so far it is not an ideal fit for Gay. Unless, they play him or Johnson at the two guard. As a fan it would be fun to watch two players playing together who are very similar in size and skill set. Ideally, …

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