Monday, April 27th, 2009
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I’ve gone from being dumbfounded to angry to depressed to optimistic to hopeful to “holy crap, we didn’t really give up that much.”  I do not, or I guess I should say, did not like the personality I saw Mark Sanchez put on display the weeks leading up until draft day.  He struck me as an egotistical jock who’s spent the past few years playing sports in Southern California.  When asked about workouts he did for teams he pretty much said “I wowed them with my arm, with my football brain, and with my stunning smile.”

“I threw it really well. I was spinning it all day. I knocked down all the throws. It was great…  As soon as I sat down with their team and their playbook, they were like, ‘Wow, this kid has a natural feel for the game. He understands our offense very well.”

That was right after his workout with the Jets a few weeks ago.  Ryan Leaf had more modesty.  I don’t know why …

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

My Jets Home Games- Swaggerlicious, Staggerlicious, and Coles in a Tiger Costume

Jets Rumors & News

Somehow I lucked into a split season ticket situation for next year.  4 games, I get to pick which ones.  Basically, a father and son like the Jets but don’t want to go to every game.  The only catch is that the Carolina and Jacksonville games are spoken for.  Is that a catch?  With the AFC East being once again incredibly competitive and Rex Ryan’s promise of a new style of football, I’ve spent some serious time debating which games I should go to.

First choice- and this one’s a no brainer- the Patriots are coming to town in week two for the Jets home opener.  Rex Ryan vs Bill Bellicheat, round one- FIGHT!  This game will bond coaches, payers, and fans for we will stand together against the tyranny of that state just North of Rhode Island.  Tom Brady’s twice surgically repaired knee will be tested as will our revamped secondary I’m sure. Maybe they’ll actually serve beer at this game.

One player I truly can’t stand …

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

The Tale of Two Backs

Jets Rumors & News

It was the best of times, it was the… uhhh, best of times.  Thomas Jones led the AFC in rushing.  Leon Washington finally made the pro bowl and achieved the respect he deserves.  Both are focal points of the Jets’ game plan.  Both are looking for new contracts.

The best times are going to get ugly.  Or at least a tad personal.

My gut feeling is that only one of these guys is going to get a contract extension and it’s not going to be the guy who gets the tough yards or who carries the ball the most.

Thomas Jones had a great season last year.  Running behind what might be the best offensive line, Jones once again looked like the runner who carried the Bears to the Super Bowl a few years back.  He’s under contract for another two years but has expressed displeasure at the fact that he’s only due $900,000 next season and isn’t showing up to mandatory workouts.  His thinking (or his agent’s) seems to …

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

To Cutler or Not To Cutler, That is the Clutter

Jets Rumors & News

On one hand, he’s the best young quarterback in the league.  He’s got an accurate cannon for an arm and he can complete passes in the most epic weather conditions.  Many feel that Cutler is the type of talent rarely seen in the NFL.

On the other hand, Jay Cutler is a jackass.  At least he seems like one to those of us who don’t know him personally but read his stupid comments in the papers and hear him on TV.  He just comes off as an egotistical tool.

That’s where we are right now.  Possibly the best quarterback in the game is begging to get out of Denver and the Jets have a giant ? under center.  Cutler’s an obvious solution if he didn’t resemble a smarmy used car sales man.

Since day 1, Rex Ryan has been adament that the Jet’s “quarterback of the future” is already on the roster.  That was before whatever happened between the Bronco’s and …

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

D-Rex Takes a Bite Out of Free Agency

Jets Rumors & News

When the clock struck midnight last Thursday, many Jets fans turned to the internet for immediate news of the moves their team was making.  Despite NFL propaganda, the Jets had created tons of room under the salary cap to play with.  They had even more money to throw around then they expected thanks Laveranues Coles’ sudden generosity- he pretty much gave back the 8 million bucks he was guaranteed so he could go play ball with Chad in Miami.  Problem with his strategy is a big ol’ fat man named Bill Parcells who eats little wide receivers for lunch.  Thanks Coles.  Only time will tell if you’ve dropped the ball… again.

Well, the Jets apparently waited ten whole minutes before descending upon Bart Scott’s house,  dragging him all the way to Jersey, and signing his “violent” butt to a six year contract.  Then the Jets went back to Baltimore (or made a phone call anyway) and have now signed Jim Leonard as well.  Sweet.

The Jets even came up …

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

Laveranues Coles has been the Grumpy Smurf on offense for awhile now.  He wasn’t happy with Mangini’s training camps, he hates having to catch balls that are thrown too hard, and he missed his good buddy Chad Pennington.  I think his sensitive hands miss Chad’s lobbed passes more than anything but hey that’s just me.  After meeting with Rex Ryan this week, they’ve agreed to part ways amicably.  Coles has been released and the Jets no longer owe him the 7 million bucks he was guaranteed (if I understand it correctly we’re now going to take a 1 million dollar hit).  Halleluja.

This off season is off the hook.  The list of recent non-Jets reads as such:  Brett Favre, Mike Nugent, Chris Baker, Brandon Moore, David Barrett, Eric Barton (probably anyway), David Bowens, and now Grumpy Smurf.  We’re clearing cap space faster than Bill Belichik can grab our unwanted players.  You gotta know Chris Baker’s been targeted by the Pats …

Thursday, February 12th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

The 2008/2009 football season refuses to end for the Jets.  To be honest, the past few weeks of the offseason  have been more fun than that winless December when the Green Folk were underachieving on a monumental scale.  First, there was the immediate firing of Cangini, followed by the hiring of D-Rex, and now Brett Favre has announced his plans to retire.  Finally, all of our questions have been answered right?  Not so much actually…

By retiring, Favre released the Jets from paying him 13 million buckaroos next year.  Last week we were about 4 million dollars over the salary cap.  Now, depending on who you’re listening to, we’re somewhere between 5 and 17 million under.  That’s a pretty big swing and I wish I had D-Rex’s ear for an hour or so.  Free Agency is suddenly fertile ground for a Jet fan’s imagination what with all those corner backs, all of those Ray Lewis’s, and all of those veteran quarterbacks milling about.

Debates on the Jets quarterback situation …

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
Yankees Rumors & News

First of all, if you’ve never read “The Tell Tale Heart,” you should stop reading this dinky little blog post and go to your nearest bookstore.  It’s a short story, it’ll take you 30 minutes at the most, and it’s directly related to what we’re talking about here. We all know the story so I’m not going to recap.  Quick tangent though- out of the 104 names on the “anonymous” list of steroid users in Major League Baseball from 2003, it’s one heckova big coincidence that the three we know happen to be the biggest named pitcher, slugger, and fielder of the past twenty years.  They also happen to be a white guy, a black guy, and a latin guy.  Somebody is strategically dropping tactical steroid bombs and covering all his bases. We’re going to touch on those players that haven’t been named, the ones who are still “anonymously” listed somewhere together as steroid users in 2003.  They must be sweating bullets wherever they all …

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

So the Super Bowl has come and gone and despite the annual beerfest at my apartment, it managed to leave a few lasting albeit fuzzy impressions upon me.
First and foremost, the game rocked. After what I thought was the beginning of a blowout, Kurt Warner and his crew showed up to prove that the Cardinals weren’t just a Cinderella team that had played above it’s level. As hard as it is to believe, the Arizona Cardinals belonged in the Big Game.
The officiating was horrendous. I must admit it was fun at first, watching the Cardinals get screwed. Fun because I’ve been watching the Jets get hosed at the hands of the officials for years and it was nice to see someone else get “no respect” for once. Kind of a sour grapes type fun.

Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the tequila, or …

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

The Jets officially have a new coach and while his pedigree is fierce, he lacks chops when it comes to head coaching experience. Jets fans got what we wanted- a fire breathing quarterback killer who’s defense promises blitzes from any postition at any time.  We can expect kitchen sinks, safes falling from the sky, cornerbacks hiding behind referees, and hopefully a tenacious ball hawking D.  By all reports Rex Ryan is ecstatic about this opporunity and he floored the front office when he interviewed.  Despite being in the AFC championship game, Ryan not only came in prepared- the man came in with a full on PowerPoint presentation.  The next few weeks will be interesting for Rex, he’s got lots of stuff on his plate to deal with and some of it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

First of all, Rex will have to bring in a new Defensive Coordinator. Bob Sutton’s been as good as gone for months now and Ryan surely will be bringing …

Friday, January 16th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

The Patriots at 11-5 were barred from the playoffs in dramatic style and as I prepare to watch several species of birds try to take out the Pittsburgh Steelers I would like to revisit week 16 for one brief moment. As much as it sucked to lose to the Dolphins, I’m now taking pleasure in the way we brought New England down with us.

It reminded me of an action movie from the 80’s.  You know, where the good guy wraps his arms and legs koala-style around the big bad monster.  Face to face, human and demon (or Alien or monster or whatever), sweaty, huffing and puffing…that’s when our hero reveals the pin he’s already pulled from the grenade in his jacket.  Finally, horror on the bad dudes face!

And from our hero (let’s call him Jericho)? Only these words uttered in a sand paper whisper, “I’ll see you in hell”

BOOM! The explosion sends debris everywhere- dirt clods, paper, filing cabinets (?), Alien guts… Our hero has sacrificed himself …

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

Could someone please explain to me why on Earth the Jets are so attached to Brian Schottenheimer? The offense stunk it up the final five games and the play calling was atrocious all season long.

I’ll never forget sitting in the freezing rain/hail storm watching the Jets take the field aganst the Denver Broncos.  Nastiest conditions I’ve ever sat through, the hot chocolate was luke warm.  Everything was frozen and slippery.

What did the Jets do on their first posession?  Double reverse pitch to Cotchery who naturally fumbles the ball to the Broncos.  That’s a tricky play indoors under the best of conditions but during a Biblical rainstorm it belongs in the playbook to be pulled out another day.  I know that.  You know that.  How come the Offensive coordinator who’s getting paid boatloads of cash doesn’t know that?

That’s just one glaring example in a season where the awful playcalling was one of the few consistencies the Jets had to offer.  The front …

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