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    Kate is a native NYC, born and raised in Manhattan, still living their today. A lifelong Yankees and NY Giants aficionado, with the hopes of one day writing about sports professionally. Many might speculate "Hey this chick is crazy, nuts or just great," however viewed there is no denying her knowledge. Therefore here exists a blog from a die-hard fan's opinions and reflections. Not solely just on baseball but on professional sports across the board. That is of coarse, with the trials and tribulations of New York teams at the helm. Lady Loves Pinstripes is written right from the gut furthermore it is sincere with every word. It portrays sports justly and awards credit where it is forthcoming with no excuses for faults. Thank you and please click on www.ladylovespinstripes.com. Additionally if you adhere any likes, hates or even-handed observations please feel free to comment below each post. To contact Kate, please email kate@ladylovespinstripes.com.

Thursday, November 5th, 2009
Yankees Rumors & News

In Major League Baseball, the MVP award goes out at the end of the regulated season. It goes to the athlete who has stood out as being the most valuable, above all the rest. To an individual player, it is a huge accomplishment and honor considered being the elite in your field.

Within baseball, two players one from the American League and the one from the National League respectively, receive this prize each year.

The awards terms incorporate the obvious, which are stats and production for the season. Baseball has more stats than any other sport but this at least provides an idea of who is in contention.

However, for me, a fan, the MVP means so much more than just that.

A player selflessly plays the game by the game as part of the team not for his own personal goals. This is by no means a wimp, nor a loud mouth. His personal goals are for the team and to help the team win.

It is …

Friday, October 16th, 2009


Yankees Rumors & News

With the playoffs in full swing, the possibilities begin to become realities. Manager Joe Torre’s Dodgers, focus is now on the NLCS as the team swept the Cardinals in three games to proceed onward.

Across the country another team with a chief named Joe accomplished the same. Joe Girardi’s Yankees followed L.A.’s lead Sunday night in Minnesota’s Metrodome by winning their third game against the Twins. The possibility of Joe vs. Joe could happen and what a World Series that would be.

Two teams, two sweeps, two Joe’s who have much more in common then realized. These Joe’s own quite a history together.

Here is a little out of this chapter:

1) Both Joe’s Play
Ironically, both skippers were catchers. Torre* batted and threw right as did Girardi.  Both were players in New York during their career. Torre played in Queens as a Met; Girardi in the Bronx wearing Yankee Pinstripes. The selection as an All-Star only happened once …

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Three Teams, Three Wins, One City

Giants Rumors & NewsJets Rumors & News

A Giant won, a Jet soared and a Yankee guaranteed that New York is the best place to call home.

Three sports team hailing from New York had simultaneous starts this afternoon (Yanks not on time due to rain delay).The Yankees, Giants and Jets each had something to prove today.

The Yankees had a reason to celebrate and be proud of this seasons accomplishments. The Bombers clinched the American League East Division for the playoffs which gives them home field advantage and an extra day off at their disposal.

The biggest upside for the Bombers not having to fly back to Anaheim to play the Angels in the first round.  The Angels are that good and that scary.

Realizing why the Yanks looked like a beaten club even when they beat the Angels is because the Angels play small ball, long ball and run the bases fiercely. Easily, the Angels have the most comparable batting line-up to the Yankees so pitchers have to be virtually perfect. The Angels are relentless in …

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