Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

The Ike Davis Era Begins

Mets Rumors & News

Ike Davis made his major league debut last night in the Mets’ 6-1 victory over the Cubs. He singled in his first at-bat, and in the seventh inning he drove in his first run, and he did it against a lefty after seeing a few tough curveballs. He finished 2 for 4, with one RBI. He singlehandedly turned the Mets around in one game – ok, that’s a bit much. But the Mets did actually win, so that’s news and a good sign. And he’s already out-produced Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis combined.

The rookie was compared to John Olerud a few times in last night’s broadcast, and he does resemble the sweet-swinging former Met at the plate. Davis comes from a major league pedigree and went to Arizona State, so it wasn’t really a surprise that he seemed right at home on a big league field and didn’t look overmatched, but of course that was only one game. The Mets also used youngsters Jon Niese (whose newfound …

Friday, April 9th, 2010
Devils Rumors & NewsIslanders Rumors & News

The Yankees opener, which was a typical American League softball marathon (and umpire Joe West was not happy about it!), didn’t quite go as planned, what with the losing and all. I took a break from the action on TV to grab my daughter, as it was her bed time, and I found her watching the Sound of Music. Julie Andrews had just made clothes for the von Trapp kids out of the drapes in her room – she could have easily put together more than enough outfits for the whole family out of the pants CC Sabathia was sporting on Sunday, too. And that movie is pretty much a carbon copy of my childhood, well, except our governess was called “the TV” and my brothers and I paraded through our town, not singing “Do-Re-Mi,” but the theme to Three’s Company – and the townsfolk pretty much wanted to punch our faces in. Oh, and we didn’t so much escape the Nazis as just our teachers, when …

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
Rangers Rumors & News

When you have a rotten owner, a bad GM and an ineffective coach, what does it all add up to? A bad team, of course. And that’s what the Rangers are right now, a bad team. Wasn’t John Tortorella supposed to bring a tireless work ethic, accountability and toughness to the team? Well, that didn’t happen. The players are either tuning him out or he’s not doing his job. There’s no urgency, no sense of the season slipping away or sense that the players really care very much that they might miss the playoffs. Where is the “if anything, a John Tortorella coached team will always work hard and won’t get pushed around – or else” sentiment that we heard about when he was hired? It seems the players stopped listening to him a long time ago. Tortorella was hired as nice-guy Tom Renney’s opposite, but that didn’t translate into the team playing any harder or smarter for him than his predecessor.

Of course, the roster that was …

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Mr. Brightside

Mets Rumors & News

I thought if I just make it through the winter and finally get done with all that shoveling, the warmth of spring and the start of baseball will ease the pain and make the North Pole−like blizzards a distant memory, and it will be smooth sailing from there on out. But apparently I’m the Mets of people (or is it the Mets personified?) – they thought last year’s injury nightmare was behind them only to have it all start over again this spring, and I had that “here we go again” feeling, too. As soon as I dug myself out of the snow (and thought, “It can’t get any worse than this, can it?”), I had to spend a boatload of money (that I don’t even have) to get my broken-down, good-for-nothing car fixed (twice), and then Saturday’s hurricane hit, and my basement was submerged (I think I found Nemo) and much of the siding on my house was ripped off in the gale-force winds. Let’s face …

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

It’s Always Sunny in Port St. Lucie

Mets Rumors & News

The Mets are coming into spring training refreshed, confident and basking in the glow of the warm Florida sun. In fact they’re so confident they’re talking about playing in the World Series. They haven’t declared themselves the team to beat yet, though, but there’s still plenty of time left for that. Having confidence and setting high goals are great – no team, no matter how bad, is going to announce that they think they’ll finish in fourth place for the coming season – but you have to learn to walk before you can run. We’ve heard all the grand pronouncements and proclamations before, but it’s gotten them nowhere.

Jerry Manuel and the Mets have been talking about fundamentals here and there, and turning over a new leaf and wiping the slate clean, but mainly what we’ve heard so far in Port St. Lucie is: “We have enough talent to go the World Series.” Or “I’m the best pitcher in the division.” Or “We have the same core that …

Thursday, February 18th, 2010
Knicks Rumors & News

“Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez to NYK; Kevin Martin/Jared Jeffries/swap of 2011 first with Knicks and 2012 first from Knicks to Houston AND Kings get Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Larry Hughes‘ expiring contract . . . all just filed to ESPN.com.”

Sources say Houston gets Kevin Martin, Jared Jeffries and Jordan Hill. Also the right to swap first-round picks with NYK in 2011 and New York’s first-rounder in 2012.”

It was reported that Donnie Walsh did not want to trade Jordan Hill but he was desperate to move Jared Jeffries and his $6.9 million dollar contract for next season. The Knicks have saved $9.4 million in cap savings and can go after two max players in the off-season.

Tracy McGrady has been working with trainer Tim Grover to get back into shape. Grover,  who trained Michael Jordan, says “put him in uniform and get him out there, T-Mac is ready.” McGrady, has an expiring contract and is only 30 years-old. He  should put fans into the seats and his jersey should be a quick seller.

Sergio Rodriguez was …

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

David Lee is an All-Star

Knicks Rumors & News

David Lee becomes the first Knick to make the All-Star team since 2001.

Lee and Chris Bosh are the only two players in the East who are averaging 20 points and 11+ rebounds per game. He also is shooting 55% from the field, 79% from the line and 3.5 assists per game. Lee has seen his scoring increase due to scoring 20+ in seven of his past eight games.

Other options to replace Allen Iverson could have been Josh Smith and Andrew Bogut.

The Hawks have the second best record in the East and already have two players on the Eastern squad (Joe Johnson and Al Horford). Smith is 5th in the East in blocks (2.1).

Bogut is tied for 2nd in the East in blocks per game and is 7th in rebounds. Along with rookie PG Brandon Jennings, the Australian big man is one of the main reasons the Bucks are one game out of the 8th seed.

David Lee has better numbers than both these players but the …

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
Rangers Rumors & News

Glen Sather did his Cal Naughton Jr./Magic Man impression by making Scott Gomez disappear in the offseason, and now he’s taken part of that bounty (ok, bust/underachiever/good-for-nothing, take your pick) that he stole from Montreal and shipped off Chris Higgins along with free-agent blunder Ales Kotalik to Calgary for Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust. It seems like a good trade for the Rangers, but how many times is Sather going to have to get rid of his mistakes (Gomez, Kotalik, etc.)? I guess we’ll just have to hope it’s not the last time.

The main positive of this trade for the Rangers is the jettisoning of Kotalik’s three-year $9 million contract. They also erase Higgins from the roster (he’s an unrestricted free agent after this season). Whether fair or not, Kotalik was a healthy scratch much of the time lately, and Higgins didn’t do much of anything after given chance after chance and plenty of ice time. Maybe they’ve both just been unlucky, but all the Blueshirts lose …

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Is David Wright the New Bobby Murcer?

Mets Rumors & News

The great David Wright power outage of aught-nine has a precedent in New York baseball history. From 1969 to 1973, Bobby Murcer hit 26, 23, 25, 33 and 22 home runs. The next season, the Yankees temporarily moved to Shea Stadium while Yankee Stadium was being renovated, and the 28-year-old sunk to 10 homers. In the four seasons before 2009, Wright blasted 27, 26, 30 and 33 long balls. In ’09, the Mets moved into shiny new Citi Field, and the 26-year-old could also only muster 10 dingers for the season. Both players were in their prime. Neither were/are considered home run bashers in the true sense of the word, with both being more all-around hitters who also happen to hit for power. But both players saw their home run totals drop dramatically after moving into a new stadium.

Murcer tailored his swing to old original Yankee Stadium and that inviting short right-field porch, and was one of the best outfielders in the American League in the first …

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Jason Bay Officially a Ranger Met

Mets Rumors & News

Jason Bay is officially a Met. He passed his physical, had his press conference and is now the new left fielder for the Amazin’s. He’ll essentially replace Carlos Delgado in the middle of the order (or will he? Please tell me Delgado will not be back; he needs to make his “clubhouse presence” present in another clubhouse). The Mets need all the infusion of new blood they can get – in the clubhouse and on the field. And they need a home run hitter in the middle of the order, and Bay hits home runs. So what’s not to like?

It took awhile to finally dot the i’s and cross the t’s, but Omar Minaya waited out Bay’s nonexistent bidding war and the “mystery” teams that were never really out there and signed the outfielder to a pretty reasonable contract. Boston was the only team that had an offer on the table, so Minaya had to better that one, but he didn’t blow it out of …

Friday, December 18th, 2009
Devils Rumors & NewsGiants Rumors & News

On Saturday night I was flipping between another Rangers loss and the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Of course you can’t help but wonder, “What if George Bailey’s situation happened to me?” What if I were able to see the consequences of never being born? That thought lasted about a minute and a half, because everybody’s life would surely be better. My wife would have been able to marry a more successful, rich, interesting, well-rounded man instead of someone who has nothing but a monkey shooting a slap shot, a couple of empty beer cans and some old Rusty Staub highlights filling up his head. My daughter would have a normal father, one who doesn’t constantly quiz her on the proper French Canadian–accented way of saying the names Guy Lafleur and Gilbert Perrault. And nobody else’s life would be affected one way or the other.

But on that subject, what if, more importantly, James Dolan had never been born? The Isiah Thomas era would never have happened. …

Friday, December 11th, 2009
Mets Rumors & News

I’ve come out of the woodwork for a brand new blog, because I’ve come across some interesting data, and I think it’d be just plain selfish of me not to share it with my Mets brethren.

While the media is busy debating whether or not the Mets less-than-aggressive move for Jason Bay is purely a PR ploy, of greater interest to me personally is the assertion that Mets brass might actually prefer Bay over free agent Matt Holliday.  It seems that the Mets are – gasp – using statistics to evaluate how each hitter might fair in their cavernous ballpark.  This, meanwhile, from a team that has apparently made upgrading the defense and signal-calling from the catchers position their number one offseason priority, despite, as ESPN’s Keith Law pointed out, the fact that statistical analysis largely debunks the notion that a pitcher’s battery mate impacts his ERA on any detectable level.  So imagine my surprise to hear various reports that the Mets …

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